With the EU Chemicals Regulation IMDS users also have new requirements for Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals (= REACH).

In addition to the numerous functions already available in the IMDS-a2, we offer an extra REACH module (at additional cost) that assists you in meeting the new requirements with all the REACH relevant information in IMDS prepared and presented in a condensed clear format.

The IMDS-a2 REACH module supports you and your company's REACH activities in the following manner:

  • Analyse the MDSs created and received by your company
  • Maintain an overview of critical substances and materials:
    - Use IMDS-a2's fast access to information to report on measured and calculated
      weights for your parts and assemblies
    - Present additional non-standard IMDS information to help answer the question
      "How much of each material and substances are in those parts or assemblies?"
  • Download the information for further processing on your PC in Microsoft Excel, csv- or xml-format

Support of REACH O5A (Once an article - always an article)

Based on the decision of the European Court of Justice the IMDS-a2 implemented an additional view on the REACH data based on the O5A perspective showing weight information for the lowest article in the bill of material.

This O5A view is available in addition to the existing calculation based on the top component.

These are examples of the data downloaded from the IMDS-a2 REACH module:

Please note that we can only offer this module to companies whose data volume is within certain parameters. For companies with a large amount of data (either number of MDSs or depth), we offer a separate service: IMDS REACH Reports.

During the ordering process, before activating the IMDS-a2 REACH module, we analyze the data volume of your company in IMDS. If you get such a message during the online order process, please contact us by email to: 

IMDS-a2 Questions

IMDS-a2 Questions?

Please have a look into the IMDS-a2 user manual first.

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