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The prices for standard training courses can be found here.

You may select the course type (information on the contents is listed at Course Types), the country in which the training should take place and a starting date for your search. If your search does not deliver any results, please extend the search by leaving the training type, provider or starting date empty. If you still do not find any courses in your country, please send an inquiry to mds-solutions@dxc.com.

How to find the Webinars from the list below

Please choose the training type you wish to register for - if Webinar is written behind, you will get a list according to the following description:

1. choose the Webinar you would like to register for

2. leave the "Country" field empty

3. leave the "Organizer" field empty

Then, you get a Webinar list of the type you would like to register for.


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