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Recommendations from the Steering Committee

The Steering Committee has developed and posted Recommendations for Data entry and structure.  These Recommendations can be found on the Recommendation link after login.  While they are called "Recommendations", many companies regard them as requirements.  It is highly suggested that you follow all recommendations that are related to your product.


Where can I find information on how to create an entry in IMDS?

Here you can find a walk through of creating a material

Here you can find a walk through of creating a component


Who should enter data or how should you set up your processes?

This document will allow you to evaluate an IMDS process


Data Quality 

MDS quality control is the responsibility of the creator and receiver of the data sheet. However, there are several checks performed on mandatory fields (e.g. for some classifications the symbol field must be filled in), the contents of fields (e.g. the name of the MDS must be different from the default name) in IMDS and some checks on material composition. The IMDS system checks only point out where further investigation is required.  They should not be used to reject without human investigation. 

The quality control of the Basic Substance list is the responsiblity of IMDS.


Does IMDS require full disclosure of product formulation?

Substances that are found on the vehicle as sold are required to be declared. Please see Recommendation 001 for requirements.

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Here you can download the most recent IMDS User Manual.

Here you can download the User Manual in Czech language.

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Preferred Language

Although the field prompts are presented in many languages, the IMDS Steering Committee recommends English as the preferred choice for entering data. As the supply chain is made up of international companies, this will facilitate the understanding of each other's material information entered into IMDS.

The IMDS System does not perform translation.

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Vehicle Manufacturers' position on IMDS

This letter from January 2018 on the position of the OEMs to IMDS emphasizes that all of the participating vehicle manufacturers prefer IMDS as the central method of data provision in order to enable the gathering of environmentally relevant information on parts and materials to be able to comply with e.g. ELV Directive or REACH regulation: Vehicle Manufacturers' position on IMDS.