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The IMDS-a2 simplifies data input into IMDS, increases productivity of your IMDS users and accelerates review of incoming datasheets. The IMDS-a2 has used for years to speed up the data entry for many IMDS users. Special IMDS-a2 functions such as the Examiner allow you to optimize your IMDS processes, data management and quality more and more. Additionally, the add-on REACH module allows companies to meet the demands of customers for REACH reporting.

Do you ...

  • find you have more complex components and are taking more time to enter them into IMDS?
  • wish you could get an overview of what data you have in IMDS with unlimited result lists and know of missed deadlines?
  • need to compare datasheets or modules to see differences between two versions?
  • find it time consuming to review incoming data to ensure it meets your requirements?
  • desire a more flexible user interface?

... then consider IMDS-a2

IMDS-a2 includes all the functionality of IMDS "classic" plus:

  • Temporary local data caching to increase productivity
  • Drag & drop construction capability
  • A simplified user interface and multiple window capability
  • Embedded videos that instruct you on how to use IMDS-a2 functions
  • An improved search mechanism that includes configurable and exportable search results
  • Recipient page information displayed on the Inbox and Outbox results view
  • Ability to compare datasheets side by side to identify changes
  • Configurable checks that allow rules to be set up to meet different customer requirements
  • Automatic checks of incoming datasheets based on user selected rules
  • Ability to analyze for more than one criteria through repetitive analysis
  • A dashboard to easily view the status of datasheets and requests for data
  • Reports that identify incomplete information and support supplier management

IMDS-a2 will greatly improve your productivity if you are:

  • An IMDS user that spends a great deal of your day working in the IMDS online application (IMDS "classic")
  • A Manager needing reports of IMDS status
  • A Substances of Concern (SoC) Manager (RRR, REACH)
  • A Purchasing Agent that frequently requires special reports

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See for yourself ...

by installing the
IMDS-a2 Free Trial.

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