The Company Merge Service transfers all the data in one or more separate IMDS companies into another IMDS company. All data created by the source company (Modules and own MDSs), received MDSs, users, contact persons, and requests are transferred to the target company.

The following describes typical cases of a Company Merge:

  1. Data in one "roof" company without any organization units is moved to a target "roof" company without any organization units.
  2. Data in a "roof" company with one or more organization units is moved to a target "roof" company with no organization units.
  3. Data in a "roof" company with no organization units is moved to an organization unit of a target company.
  4. Data in a "roof" company with several organization units is shifted to a target company with organization units with the source organization units individually mapped to organization units in the target company.

Although most company merges involve source companies without organization units, the standard procedure and pricing will allow a mixture of the above cases. However, prior to requesting a merge, the Company Administrator is required to create the target company structure that will receive the data. The new structure may or may not have organization units and may or may not be one of the existing IMDS companies. Please note that at most one of the source company IDs can be retained.

Should your source or target company have an AI license (upload/download), the merge impacts the in-house system in the following ways:

  • If the source company has an AI license, the in-house-system no longer receives data after the merge. The source company no longer exists. The AI license is transferred to the target company along with other User IDs. The AI license contact may wish to request an initial download to pick up the data from the other merged companies.
  • If the target company previously existed and had an AI license, the daily download file reflects the transferred MDSs after the merge. This will probably be a very large file.

You may want to notify your customers that a merge will be taking place to avoid confusion due to a changed IMDS company ID in already transmitted MDSs. If there is a change in your supplier code, please discuss with your customers whether the affected MDSs have to be updated and resubmitted to your customer or not. Additionally, if your customers have an in-house system, the data in their daily download files will also reflect the change of your company ID. 


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