The IMDS-a2 Examiner allows you to:

  • Check your datasheets with your own rules
  • Use configurable rules to ensure quality standards
  • Exchange check profiles with your colleagues and/or suppliers
  • Review your own data as well as incoming data
  • Examine own and incoming MDSs with flexible check profiles and parameters
  • Display errors, warnings and information with both in words and symbols where problem occurs
  • Review incoming MDSs prior to accepting
  • Increase quality of own MDSs
  • Reduce effort to review incoming MDSs
  • Improve IMDS resource efficiency in handling received MDSs

With the Examiner function in IMDS-a2, it is possible to select from a list of pre-programmed rules and have the system check your own or incoming datasheets (MDSs) and flag where the information does not meet the criteria you have set. You may select only one rule or combine several for a more customized check to meet your and your customers' demands. Once you have selected a set of rules, you can save them in a check profile for use in a future IMDS-a2 session, exchange the profile with other users in your company or with your supplier or customer.

How it works:

  • Create a profile to meet your own or client guidelines
    In the IMDS-a2 profile maintenance option, you can add or remove these checks from an existing profile or create a new profile. Some of the checks can be provided with parameters such as upper limits or a database of part numbers. You decide which quality characteristics you want to use when checking the MDS. Currently, there are 37 quality checks available. As time progresses, we will continue to expand and develop more checks.
  • Select an MDS via any Search and view the Ingredients
    Once you create the profile, you can examine an MDS created by your company or a received MDS for errors, warnings or other information. So it's now also possible to check incoming MDS before accepting.
  • Start the Examiner function
    In the Optimizer menu, you have the function "Examiner" available - or with the corresponding symbol in the icon bar. When the Examiner function is used on an MDS, the results appear in a window at the bottom of the screen. All errors, warnings and other information are shown. Additionally, the check results are symbolized in the tree structure so it is possible to see at a glance which nodes do not meet your requirements. You may save the results of the check in a .pdf through Optimizer > Reports > Examiner Report.
  • Correct the faults and repeat the check(s) - (own MDSs)
    You can correct the problems in your own datasheet by clicking on a check result (either in the result area or in the tree structure) and the system will bring you to the error in the MDS. Following IMDS rules for editing, you may be directly able to correct the fault. You can repeat the check(s) at any time and as often as you want.


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Examiner in IMDS-a2