The IMDS-a2 allows you to take full advantage of your PC's compute and storage in working with IMDS. IMDS-a2 is a Java program that runs on your PC. Each time you log into the IMDS-a2, the program checks to see if it is the latest version and automatically downloads the newer version if there is one.

Many of the IMDS-a2 special functions have been added based on requests from users. This has allowed us to incorporate such special functions as:

  • Easier construction
    Work with multiple windows and use Drag&Drop to accelerate your work.
    >> Video on "Creating a component"
  • User controlled search results
    Personalize your search results by moving the columns or using the Favorites.
    >> Video on "Search Results"
  • Inbox Automation
    This feature helps IMDS power users automatically manage received datasheets.
    >> Video on the feature "Inbox Automation"
  • Where-Used Analysis
    IMDS-a2 provides some additional analysis compared to IMDS web application.
  • REACH Regulation Information
    Have an at-a-glance REACH Regulation Overview listing all REACH SVHC Candidate List, REACH Annex XIV and REACH Annex XVII substances in the MDS ingredients details. 
  • Compare MDSs
    Find easily differences between new and already accepted versions of an MDS.
    >> Video on the feature "Compare MDSs/Modules"
  • Company-specific Substance Lists
    As a Company Administrator setup your own company-specific Basic Substance lists. 
  • Dashboard
    Use the Dashboard to have an overview of your “IMDS business”.
    >> Video on the feature "Dashboard"
  • RRR Reporting and a lot of extended Reports such as:
    - Missing and/or invalid datasheets
    - Structure validation
    - Application and Parts Marking
    - Detailed analysis report
  • Create CMD Requests in IMDS-a2

    With DXC's launch of the IMDS Conflict Minerals (CM) Analyzer all users with a valid IMDS-a2 license can use IMDS-a2 to search for all IMDS parts/products that are in scope for a conflict minerals declaration. This information can then be used to request a conflict minerals declaration for all accepted supplier MDSs. Detailed information can be found in chapter "CMD Request" in the IMDS-a2 User Manual.

  • User Administration in IMDS-a2
    User and Contact Administration options are available for the Company Administrator.


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IMDS-a2 Questions

IMDS-a2 Questions?

Please have a look into the IMDS-a2 user manual first.

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