Analysis & Reporting Overview (US Letter format) - PDF File

Analysis & Reporting Overview (A4 format) - PDF File


Your company has been reporting in IMDS for years, has provided a large amount of data and would like to make use of these?

The number and complexity of regulations increases continuously. Examples include REACH, RoHS, California Proposition 65, and the updated EU Waste Framework Directive (WFD). The WFD requires EU importers and manufacturers to begin entering data into the Substances of Concern in Products (SCIP) database requires more and more information.  Would you like an automated system that tracks this for you, thus minimizing your business risk?

Why implement time-consuming and costly IT in-house solutions or rely on extensive manual efforts? Why invest in another solution or service provider to comply with the necessary legal requirements?

It is more efficient and cost effective to leverage what you and your suppliers have in IMDS.
IMDS-a2 with the Analysis & Reporting Module provides a powerful, cost-effective solution.

The IMDS-a2 Analysis & Reporting Module leverages the full power of IMDS while simultaneously creating a separate virtual computing environment containing the data relevant to your company within the secure DXC Cloud. This robust analytics solution is centrally provided with no local implementation needed, allowing you to avoid technical considerations and concentrate immediately on material compliance tasks providing business value right from the beginning of use.

Using an incredibly fast in-memory database and the latest Big Data technology, the Analysis & Reporting Module is a powerful tool which can analyze all the IMDS data visible for your company very quickly, down to the substance level. You get results up to 50 x faster than with the usual methods, and with unlimited results.

Establish multiple analysis criteria simultaneously. Combine several multi-level steps into one operation. Evaluate all owned or accepted products that meet the criteria you specify and use the result list as an input for further analyses. Use company-specific substance lists created in IMDS-a2 in the Analysis & Reporting Module to check or highlight MDSs against substance lists you define. Chain-link analyses to develop complex queries, permitting you to identify products which contain regulatory-relevant substances quickly and reliably. Investigate at either the homogeneous material or the first component level, depending upon the type of regulation (material or article) for which you are analyzing. Do you wish to know which MDSs in your company contain REACH chemicals? And which of those MDSs contain jokers or wildcards? Answer questions such as these in a few steps, and in minutes instead of days.


Substance Reporting with the A&R Module

The main benefits regarding substance reporting with the A&R module are:

  • The results of a substance-based analysis can be exported as a master/detail or single-line substance report to Microsoft Excel or as a CSV.
  • This report contains all MDSs found including the respective substances that meet the criteria of the previously performed analysis. 
  • If the analysis searched for SVHC substances in a concentration >= 0.1% in relation to the O5A article, the report contains all corresponding MDS/substance hits and can be used as a basis for REACH or ECHA SCIP reporting, for example. If you have previously carried out an analysis for conflict minerals, you will receive a "Conflict Minerals Report" instead.
  • Supplier information for a referenced MDS containing the substances analyzed for can be listed in the report.


SCIP Reporting with the A&R Module

The Analysis & Reporting Module also supports the upcoming SCIP-Reporting obligations. SCIP requires reporting of all EU-relevant MDSs containing a REACH Candidate List SVHC above threshold (usually >= 0.1% as related to the article). The results can be exported as an Excel file, or used as input for further analyses. This capability is available today and may allow you to eliminate these substances now, potentially avoiding SCIP reporting requirements on these products before they enter into effect in 2021!

IMDS-a2 Analysis & Reporting Module is a Cloud solution, permitting you to avoid infrastructure, operations, software development and maintenance. We of DXC provide all necessary storage, network and processing capacities, and we maintain relevant legal changes such as REACH updates. This lean, low-cost solution is perfect for most companies seeking to analyze their IMDS data rapidly, or to perform operations beyond the capabilities of the IMDS online application.

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