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This new additional IMDS-a2 module implements Big-Data technology to create personal search engines for IMDS-a2 users.

IMDS data interconnects companies from different depths of the automotive supply chain to each other. Each Material Datasheet contains data from a range of companies. From OEMs down to suppliers of parts or materials that end up somewhere in a car.

So, each datasheet can be seen as a mesh connecting parts, materials and substances to form bigger parts and finally cars.

Traditional databases are not well suited to analyze this form of interconnected datasets.

A new, optimized search engine

Therefore, the Analysis & Reporting module adds specialized search capabilities to IMDS-a2 by running one dedicated, additional in-memory database that acts as a personal search engine to provide fast, complete and accurate analysis results based on the subset of data that is relevant to that customer.

Not limited by traditional SQL based technology, the complete dataset belonging to your company stored in this dedicated server is searched and all results matching a given query are returned.

A Cloud-based solution

As a true Cloud solution, this additional service does not require any additional infrastructure, maintenance or programming at customer's site. All needed storage, network and processing capacity is included in the offer and will automatically be provisioned by DXC to run the customer's dedicated search engine.

This provides an efficient and lean alternative to companies that want to analyze their IMDS data beyond the capabilities of the IMDS online system, but do not want to invest in additional inhouse infrastructure and licenses.


The client interface implemented in IMDS-a2 provides a functionally enhanced set of search and analysis options to execute against your personal search engine:

  • Allows unlimited substance analysis of all material data sheets (MDSs) visible to an IMDS company
  • Multiple analysis can be combined or “chained” which means results of one analysis become the input of the next analysis with different options to form complex queries satisfying multiple requirements
  • Support of pre-defined analysis groups: run one Analysis to receive results for all substances covered by REACH SVHC CL, REACH Annex XIV and REACH Annex XVII, etc.
  • Thresholds and ranges for percentages and weights can be considered in the analysis not only the test for existence
  • Supported threshold options are <, <=, >, >= and ranges (from - to)
  • The reference point for calculations can be selected to be the homogeneous material or the first level of article
  • The results can be viewed online or downloaded into Excel or similar office tools to be processed locally at customer's site


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