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Video on the feature "Dashboard"

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With this function you can easily get an at-a-glance management view on the status of your company's MDS data and MDS Requests. It will help you to plan and optimize your IMDS procedures. We have two different Dashboards in IMDS.

One dashboard tracks MDSs and the other tracks Requests. Each dashboard shows the numbers of each in the different "states" and, where appropriate, flags indicating the criticality of items needing attention based on dates. To display the "states" the system uses

  • Red for 'due today'
  • Yellow for 'due in x days' and
  • Green for 'due in more than x days'

For MDS Requests, the deadline date is used to sort requests in to the date ranges. For MDSs, there is no deadline date within IMDS, so an internal tolerance in days can be set for sent and received MDSs.

You can use the dashboards to:

  • see the status of company data (received, own, sent) at-a-glance 
  • quickly identify datasheets that are overdue
  • get an overview of requests for data

MDS Request Dashboard Screen


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