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Tutorials on IMDS Functions

What is New in IMDS?


Create and upload SCIP-Dossiers in IMDS (youtube.com, German with English subtitles)


IMDS Release 14.3 (2023)

MDS Copy: Dialog to update referenced versions

New search types in Tree Search

Flame Retardants & Plasticizers in Polymer Wizard

Bio-based content for Classification 7.1

Additional fields in MDS Report

Top-level supplier and MDS in check result

Only check entered ranges of mechanical recyclate


IMDS Release 14.0 (2023)

Structure Mix

SC90 for filled/unfilled thermoplastics

Extended contact information

Revealing confidential declarable substances

Check for old MDSs

Chemical recycling and bio-based materials


IMDS Release 13.1 (2022)

Classification 9 in SCIP (4.5 min)

Easier editing of norms and applications (2 min)

Multiple S2S Keys per Org.-Unit (4.5 min)

SCIP data in CMDS search results (2 min)

Visibility of Recyclate range warning (2 min)


IMDS Release 12.0 (2019)

Overview presentation on the enhancements with IMDS Release 12.0

IMDS Release 11.0 (2017) - including Chemistry Manager

This presentation details IMDS Release 11.0 (pdf document), including detailed instructions on setting up and using the new Chemistry Manager to request, provide and receive REACH and Biocidal Product Regulation (BPR) product information.

IMDS Release 10.0 (2016)

This article details the updates made in IMDS Release 10.0 (pdf document).

IMDS Release 9.0 (2015)

The following video tutorials demonstrate the most significant changes in IMDS Release 9.0:

  IMDS Release 9.0 - Faster MDS Updates

  IMDS Release 9.0 - Visibility of Own Confidential Substances


Walk through of Creating an MDS

We recommend to attend an IMDS class where possible. If you cannot attend a class, please read at least one of the following.

  Creating a material

  Creating a component

Overview of IMDS Functions

Familiarize with the basic information on what has changed with the new Release 8.0 in comparison to the functions in IMDS Release 7.2 basic (pdf file).

Video Tutorials on IMDS Functions

To see how the IMDS Release 8.0 works, please look at our video tutorials on the following functions:

  IMDS Release 8.0 Introduction - Homepage and Login

  IMDS Release 8.0 Introduction - Landing Page and Search Criteria

  IMDS Release 8.0 Introduction - Search Results

  IMDS Release 8.0 Introduction - Details

  IMDS Release 8.0 Introduction - Accept and Reject

Before Registering your Company

It is important to plan your IMDS processes. Before registering your company, please read the attached file.


Here you can download the most recent IMDS User Manual.

Here you can download the User Manual in Czech language.