The Company SplitOff service transfers the data from one or more organization unit(s) within one IMDS roof company into a different IMDS roof company. Please note that it is the responsibility of the company administrator in the source company to ensure data is in the Organization Unit to be transferred. This service assumes the data to be moved currently resides in an Organization Unit. Many companies think they are using Organization Units because they have defined them - but are not. Either there are no users assigned to the Org Unit or the users are not placing the data in the Org Unit on the Supplier Data chapter of the MDS.

It should be noted that NOT ALL DATA CAN BE SEPARATED OR TRANSFERRED. The amount of transferable data depends on how intertwined or "referenced" the data is. In the end, a data sheet can reside only in one company - it either goes or stays but it cannot reside in two IMDS companies.

If an MDS that is to be transferred and an MDS that will stay both reference the same datasheet, the MDS that the user wants to transfer cannot be moved. If an MDS that will stay references an MDS that is to be transferred, that MDS cannot be moved. The only exception to this is if the "referenced" MDS is published. For example, if your source company has created a library of materials that is used by both by Organization Units that are staying and those being moved out, the data referencing the common materials cannot be moved by this process. The exception is that if those materials were published.

As part of the Company SplitOff procedure, DXC will perform up to two analyses. It is very important that the requestor review what the analysis is saying and take action if the analysis indicates that data cannot be transferred. DXC cannot move data that analysis shows cannot be moved. Due to how IMDS works, we cannot "copy" data from one company to another.

Should your company have an AI license (upload/download), the Company SplitOff will have an impact. Similar to the rules for MDSs, the AI license cannot reside in two companies unless there has been a special arrangement ahead of time. Additionally, the Company SplitOff will impact the in-house system in the following ways:

  • If the source company will keep the AI license, there will be no impact. However, the company may wish to reinitialize their system with an initial download that will not contain the transferred data. The AI contact may request an initial download from their DXC representative.
  • If the source company will not keep the AI license, there will be no future downloads of IMDS data created.
  • If the target company did not previously have an AI license, they will wish to request an initial download of all the data for their in-house system.
  • If the target company already had an AI license, the transferred data is reflected by a daily download after the Company SplitOff. In case of a large amount of data, the daily download file may be scheduled to a certain date.

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