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Company Registration


Do you know if your company is registered?

Please call or send an e-mail to our IMDS Service Center. We will tell you whether someone in your company has registered and if so, who your Company Administrator is. 

Your company is already registered and you need an ID

Please ask your company's Company Administrator for your user name and password. It is expected that each user have their own IMDS ID and password.

Your Company Administrator is no longer with the company

Please send an e-mail with:

  1. A .pdf, .jpg, or .tif attachment created on company letterhead from the address as registered in the system explaining the situation. 
  2. You must include in the explanation the date of last employ of all existing client managers, the existing Company Administrator names, and
  3. The details of who should be client manager (first and last name, phone and fax number, e-mail address) to the IMDS Service Center and we will research the problem.
  4. The letter must be signed by someone in sufficient authority such as plant manager, vice president, president, CEO (an engineering, quality, or HR manager will not be accepted).

For security reasons, if there are other users in the company that are active, we will not create a new ID but escalate one of them to Company Administrator status.

Please note that the IMDS Service Center will not transfer data ownership from one company to another.  When a company is sold, it is the responsibility of users in the company to make appropriate transfer of user IDs.

Your company is not yet registered

IMDS allows you to register your company online. You need to define a Contact Person and a Company Administrator for your company during online registration. THESE PEOPLE NEED TO BE EMPLOYEES OF YOUR COMPANY NOT YOUR CUSTOMER. Once the company is registered, the Company Administrator can create other IDs and Contacts through the Administrative Option. IMDS recommends at least two Company Administrators per IMDS company and each user have their own ID. The Contact person answers questions about the sent MDSs and doesn't have to have an ID.

Online Registration

If you get an error message indicating that a company with a similar name is registered, please call or email our IMDS Service Center for instructions. It may be that you are part of a global company that has requested that individual sites may not register.

The following Terms of Use are valid for the IMDS Web application.