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Data Import from IMDS into CDX

DXC's IMDS AI-interface includes the ability to import existing Material Data Sheets (MDSs) from the IMDS into CDX (Compliance Data eXchange).

With this function, DXC addresses the automotive supplier's need to further process MDSs that are already available in the IMDS and also used for other industries, without re-entering them in CDX.

Companies that work for the automotive industry as well as for other manufacturing industries would benefit from synergies between the two systems. CDX uses the substances and material catalogs from IMDS and more. This allows a consolidation of the material information across all sectors. CDX is based on the IMDS long-standing experience, has an open set of rules (e.g. full or partial declarations), a greater number of substances and standard materials, provides functionality for REACh (XIV, XVII), RoHS, IPC1752A, IEC 62474, California Prop65 , Battery, Packaging, ELV, GADSL, HKK, and includes a fully integrated Conflict Minerals Reporting Manager.

The import of IMDS MDSs can be initiated out of CDX when the following requirements are fulfilled:

  • The IMDS company owns a valid IMDS AI license (at least a Tariff E is needed).
  • The CDX user needs valid IMDS credentials (IMDS User ID and password) to start the CDX Import Wizard.
  • Data transfer from IMDS to CDX is in line with the IMDS Terms of Use.
  • A CDX License is not required.


Functionality in CDX

After registration in CDX, the IMDS MDS Import is initiated by selecting the menu MDS > Import > Import IMDS MDSs. To import IMDS MDSs into CDX, the user needs valid IMDS credentials (IMDS User ID and password) to establish a connection between CDX and IMDS.

After checking the validity of the credentials the system will verify that the user's company owns a valid IMDS AI license. If this check succeeds, the next page of the wizard is displayed, allowing the user to search for MDSs to be transferred. From the result list the user can then select up to 10 MDSs to be transferred to CDX.

The user can configure the transfer settings that should be applied. When the import is complete, the transferred MDS is stored in CDX as an own MDS in edit mode to allow the user to rework or complete the data sheet with CDX specific information. For every MDS imported from IMDS, the information about the transfer is displayed in section "IMDS Information" within the MDS Ingredients details.

For further information please visit our CDX IMDS MDS Import website.

If you have any question, please contact the CDX Team at cdx-info@dxc.com.

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