CDX - Compliance Data eXchange

CDX - Compliance Data eXchange

How do you manage reporting regarding SVHC,
RRR, RoHs, Conflict Minerals, HKC, REACH, WEEE ...?

Environmental protection plays an ever-increasing role in our world. Companies in all industries are required more and more to reduce the use of hazardous substances in their products, to avoid waste and, through recycling of resources contained in waste, return it back into the product. With increasing economic globalization companies need to look beyond national and/or regional requirements to the various international laws and regulations and incorporate the global requirements into the design and production processes.

DXC Technology (DXC) - one of the pioneer companies in recycling and environmental management - provides with the Compliance Data eXchange (CDX) a solution enabling you to collect, maintain and analyze material data across all levels of your supply chain. With the help of the CDX system, you can provide information about the materials contained in your products or used during your production process anytime and anywhere. Additionally you can analyze the data in terms of environmental compliance. The CDX data is collected through the entire supply chain, enabling participating companies to comply with global legal requirements such as the Hong Kong Convention (HKC), REACH, SVHC, WEEE, Conflict Minerals Declaration or similar regulations.


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