We think you will find our IMDS-a2 very beneficial in your work with IMDS processes. While you can install IMDS-a2 on as many machines as you like, licensing is by User ID and only one session can be used at a time. Licensees may not forward their ID's to a third party.

To order an annual license of the IMDS-a2 or an add-on module or to renew an existing license, please fill out the Order form.

You will need to select a User ID to be associated with the IMDS-a2 license. Many of our users prefer to create a special User ID for use with the IMDS-a2 license instead of using an ID with a user who may leave the company and become deactivated.

After receipt of an email confirming your IMDS-a2 order, your IMDS user ID is activated as an IMDS-a2 license.

Please install the IMDS-a2 on your PC as described in menu "Installation". If you have already installed the IMDS-a2 trial version on your PC before ordering the full license, you can continue to work with this version.

If you need more than 20 licenses, please contact us at We would be glad to submit an customized offer to you.



All prices are exclusive of any tax (e.g. VAT) and are due for payment immediately after receipt of the invoice. Taxes will be charged additionally where applicable.


IMDS-a2 (basic version)

An annual license costs 3,100 Euro per IMDS-a2 activated IMDS user ID. 

If you would like to order more than one license the following price list applies:

1 -  5 annual licenses:   3,100€ each
6 - 10 annual licenses:   2,940€ each
11 - 20 annual licenses:   2,780 € each


If you need more than 20 licenses please contact us at We will be glad to submit a customized offer to you.


IMDS-a2 add-on module: Analysis & Reporting

The Analysis & Reporting module is licensed separately from the IMDS-a2. In contrast to the IMDS-a2 basic version or other IMDS-a2 add-on modules, the licensing is not per User ID, but per IMDS company. This means, minimum one license of the IMDS-a2 basic version is required to purchase the Analysis & Reporting add-on module. If your company licenses the Analysis & Reporting module, all IMDS-a2 users in your company can use this add-on module.

The Analysis & Reporting module license starts at 6,450 Euro per IMDS company per year. 

The Analysis & Reporting module is a mighty tool to analyze the whole data amount a company has collected through IMDS over the years. Thus, system requirements are depending on the data volume.

A license for companies with a standard data volume* is available at 6,450 Euro per IMDS company and year. For companies exceeding the defined parameters we would be glad to provide a customized offer. During the ordering process, we analyze the data volume of your company in IMDS. If you get a corresponding message during the online order process, please contact us by email to:

If you are purchasing the Analysis & Reporting module as an add-on to an existing IMDS-a2 license, the duration and price of the Analysis & Reporting module will be synchronized to the existing license. The price of the Analysis & Reporting module will be amended accordingly. If this describes your situation, please ask for an individual price for your Analysis & Reporting module.

* The standard data volume can be processed with an in-memory data base of 8 GB. The required size is dependent on the number of MDS and their size (number of nodes).



DXC Company Data

If you would like to place a Purchase Order, you will find our company information in the attached file:  DXC Company Data (pdf).

IMDS-a2 Questions

IMDS-a2 Questions?

Please have a look into the IMDS-a2 user manual first.

If you cannot find an answer to your question, please contact us: