VERSION 7.1P (2010-07-15)

VERSION 7.1P (07/15/2010)

New Functions

Compare MDSs

The Compare MDS module allows the comparison of two MDS. A new tree control visualizes the differences between both MDS trees by indicating which tree nodes were added, deleted or modified. Additionally the user gains an overview how many own, accepted and published MDS are referenced in each datasheet. Also the tree depth, the amount of referenced substances and the amount of used substance groups are visible at a glance.
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Enhance result tables

The In-/Outbox result table supports the additional fields Supplier Code, Drawing Change Level, Drawing No, Drawing dated, Report No., Date of Report, Purchase Order No., Bill of Delivery No., Contact Person (only Outbox), Entered Weight, Calculated Weight and Tolerance (only Inbox).

All available columns can be enabled or disabled by right clicking on the table header. All visible columns of a table can be printed via table printing or exported as CSV while invisible columns will not appear.

The Request result table supports the additional fields Supplier Code, Drawing Change Level and Drawing Dated that can be used in the same manner. In the Material search the result columns Material Classification and Standard Material Number are added.

Outbox Search

The Outbox search is enhanced by the new search parameter "Assigned Contact".
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Examiner Report

The Examiner Report allows the user to forward the output of an Examiner check to a PDF report. All check results are listed in a table structure including the MDS node on which the error, warning or information occurred. The profile used when executing the check and all checks that belong to that profile including their parameter settings are also documented.
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Most of the a2 windows save their size information when closed by the user. Opening them again the previous height and width of the window is restored. The same applies to the column order, column width and visibility of columns in search result tables.
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Selection of multiple result rows in tables

Most result tables were reworked to support the selection of multiple result rows. The user can select multiple result rows by using the Ctrl- or Shift key and process them by using Drag and Drop. They can be dropped into any target that accepts multiple rows like the MDS tree or the a2 Analysis module.
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New calendar control

To simplify date input a new calendar control was added to all date entry fields. Pressing the button beside the date field the control appears displaying the current month. The chosen date will be transferred into the date field in the correct format.
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Check Button

You can use either the Optimizer > Examiner menu option or the check button in the toolbar and chose "start profile search" to search for a certain check profile. Alternatively, one of the latest 10 checks can be carried out. You can chose it from the list of check profiles when clicking on the check button.
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Limiting search results

To avoid time consuming and mostly unnecessary network transfers the amount of transferred search results was limited to 2.000 result rows in a first try. In case more results are available the user is asked if he really wants to transfer all results.

Limiting reports

The amount of result rows in Outbox reports (Sent MDS Statistics Report, Sent MDS Incomplete Report and Enhanced MDS Statistics Report) is limited to 12,000 rows which corresponds to approx. 1,000 pages.

IMDS Online Application - Release 7.1 adjustments

a2 Analysis: Enhanced 'Rule-based Selection'

For the a2 Analysis within the analysis section, the screen for the "Rule based selection" is replaced by the "MDS and Module Search" screen. With this change, the user can leverage the power of this search screen with all the additional options it provides. The advantage is that the screen is well known, powerful and can be used to further detail the search criteria to reduce the amount of MDSs to be processed, which accelerates the analysis result generation.
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Detailed information can also be found in the IMDS-a2 User Manual.

IMDS-a2 Questions

IMDS-a2 Questions?

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