The IMDS-a2 is an application service developed in the Java programming language. The product OpenWebStart provides an OpenJDK runtime environment and acts as an application launcher for the IMDS-a2. Please follow these steps to install cost-free OpenWebStart (a license-cost free Open Source application) and the IMDS-a2.

Step 1)   Download and install OpenWebStart

IMPORTANT: The OpenWebStart is a prerequisite to be able to run the IMDS-a2. Click on the link and download the correct installation file (e.g.

Open the downloaded file - the wizard will start installing the OpenWebStart software. When started, please follow the instructions to complete the installation.

In the “OpenWebStart Settings” (available in the Windows Apps list) you may enter dedicated “Proxy Settings” or choose “No Proxy” if required.

IMPORTANT: Depending on your PC user profile, you might need administrator permission to install software. If you do not have sufficient privileges, please contact your internal IT support.

Step 2)   Start IMDS-a2

Clicking on the above link, OpenWebStart gets launched first. If no OpenJDK runtime environment is available, it automatically downloads and installs the latest Adopt OpenJDK version.

Next, the IMDS-a2 software version is checked and downloaded in case an updated version is available on the IMDS server. The DXC Code Signing certificate gets validated and you can choose to trust the certificate and execute the IMDS-a2 application.


For detailed description of the installation process and troubleshooting common installation issues, see the IMDS-a2 User Manual, Chapter "Installation".

In case you have any questions please contact


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IMDS-a2 Questions

IMDS-a2 Questions?

Please have a look into the IMDS-a2 user manual first.

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