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Please follow these steps to install Java and IMDS-a2.

Step 1)   Check to see if you already have Java Runtime (version 8) installed

If you do, you would have an icon on your desktop that looks like a coffee cup or in your control panel. If you do already have Java Runtime Software loaded, please check the version by opening the software. If your version is 8 or higher, you can go to Step 3. If you have an earlier version, you will need to go to Step 2, but you should check with your IT department to see if installing a later version will impact other software that uses Java Runtime.

Step 2)   Install the Java Runtime Software

IMPORTANT: The Java Runtime Software is a prerequisite to be able to run the IMDS-a2. Click on the link and start the Java download.

The installation wizard will start installing the Java software. Please follow the instructions to complete the installation.

IMPORTANT: Depending on your PC user profile, you might need administrator permission to install software. If you do not have sufficient privileges, please contact your internal IT support.

Step 3)   Start IMDS-a2

For detailed description of the installation process and troubleshooting common installation issues, see the IMDS-a2 User Manual, Chapter "Installation".

In case you have any questions please contact mds-solutions@dxc.com.

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Important Information
for IMDS-a2 Users

Please read, how Oracle's planned licensing policy changes in January 2019 may impact you as an IMDS-a2 User.


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