Version 14.3 (03/20/2024)

Version 14.3 (03/20/2024)

IMDS Release 14.3 Enhancements

With the rollout of the updated IMDS-a2 Version 14.3 on 20th March 2024, the following IMDS enhancements are implemented:


Functional Changes

  1. Source of Material: Allow bio-based content for Classification 7.1
  2. MDS Report: New recipient fields
  3. MDS Tree Search: New search types
  4. MDS Analysis: Display Classification for Materials
  5. Polymer Material Wizard: New options for flame retardants and plasticizers
  6. MDS Copy: Dialog to update referenced versions

Check Changes

  1. MDS Check: Display top-level supplier and MDS
  2. MDS Check: Only check entered ranges of mechanical recyclate


Detailed information on these enhancements is available in the Release Notes IMDS Release 14.3.


Furthermore, the following a2-specific enhancements are provided with this Release:

  • Examiner and MDS check results will contain information about MDS supplier.
  • An enhanced Tree search searches the tree for all analysis types supported in the Where-Used Analysis and the Analysis&Reporting module
  • Two new checks are available:
  1. Check number 42 "Deviation Compliance Check" - Check for recommendation compliance of weights.
  2. Check number 43 "Extended ELV Heavy Metal Check (multiple)" - Check to support individual thresholds per application id defined in an Excel Spreadsheet.

IMDS-a2 Questions

IMDS-a2 Questions?

Please have a look into the IMDS-a2 user manual first.

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