The IMDS-AI will allow you to integrate MDS communication with your suppliers and customers into your local processes and systems. The IMDS-AI enables your company to exchange data between your internal system and the IMDS system.


The download functionality of the IMDS-AI gives your company the ability to transfer information from IMDS to your local system. The information includes all the data visible to your company in the IMDS including: "own" created and released data sheets, received data sheets, published datasheets, and various other information required to support this information. The data is delivered in "flat files" that can be mapped into your in-house system's database structure.

DXC offers the additional “Multiple Time Zone Download” service especially for global companies having the need to process several times a day recent MDSs. This optional service allows you to receive data from the IMDS system up to 3 times a day to optimize your processes. 

The upload functionality of the IMDS-AI increases productivity while reducing errors by allowing you to create data sheets directly from your in-house data. This is accomplished through XML code. Creation of XML code of appropriate structure is not a part of this offering.

A local system is software that communicates with the IMDS on one hand and on the other hand establishes the link with your PDM/PLM- or ERP system. This system can be developed in-house or it is one of the products that are already offered by several system-houses on the market.

IMDS-AI Features

  • Automated data transfer
  • Transfer of large data volumes
  • Standardized interface
  • Supports in-house review and status changes (accept/reject)
  • Supports IMDS procedures


  • Reduce data collection and management costs
  • Improved data quality
  • Increased productivity
  • Local control of the data administration and delivery

Commercial Terms

  • Volume-based price model
  • Flexibility to add extra upload packages
  • License period - 12 months

IMDS-AI Questions

IMDS-AI Questions?

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