SCIP Bulk Submission

SCIP Bulk Submission with IMDS-a2

Need to upload dozens or hundreds of SCIP dossiers? – No problem!


Here is the solution:

The new bulk SCIP interface of the IMDS-a2 allows you to submit multiple MDSs (in fact an unlimited number of MDSs) at once to SCIP. This bulk SCIP interface is part of the IMDS-a2 basic license and can be used in combination with the Where-Used Analysis, Component search, MDS/Module search and the Outbox search. Furthermore, it perfectly harmonizes with the Analysis & Reporting add-on module of the IMDS-a2 that allows a more convenient identification of MDSs relevant for SCIP submission.


What’s in for you?

  1. Huge time-saving: Since you do not have to process each MDS individually, but can select and submit many data at the same time, the IMDS-a2 saves you an enormous amount of time.
  2. Convenient and simple handling: You can use "drag and drop" to drag multiple MDSs from a source window (e.g. the A&R window) into the SCIP Submissions window to initiate the submission of these MDSs.
  3. Automated processing: You can also define how the IMDS-a2 should react if the MDS or referenced MDS do not contain the mandatory SCIP information. IMDS can set default values for those attributes or omit the submission for the given MDS.
  4. Quality data: Due to the automated dossier creation, submission and retrieval of resulting SCIP Numbers, communication errors are avoided.


How does it work?

With the Analysis & Reporting module, for example, or with the Where-Used Analysis, you can find MDSs containing certain substances relevant for SCIP reporting. From the search results, simply select the MDSs for which a SCIP dossier is to be created and submitted.



By submitting these MDSs to SCIP the system will take care of the communication with the SCIP data base and document the results.



What does it look like?

The detailed SCIP information is displayed in a dedicated SCIP tab for each MDS:


When can I start using this function?

If you have a valid IMDS-a2 license, this function is available as soon as IMDS Release 13.0 will be rolled out, you can start to use this function within the basic IMDS-a2 module without any additional charge. For large companies we additionally recommend the IMDS-a2 A&R module in order to combine different analysis parameters to identify MDSs for SCIP submission.

SCIP Bulk Submission Download

You would like to know how it works?

Download the Recording from our IMDS-a2 SCIP Bulk Submission Event on May 6, 2021 (288 MB).

The presentation used in the recorded session is available here.

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