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Co-Checker Module in IMDS-a2

CoChecks using IMDS-a2:
A DXC Service in Collaboration with tec4U-Solutions

The IMDS-a2 CoChecker module extracts the content of selected material data sheets (MDSs) directly from the IMDS and save them as encrypted XML files on your PC. IMDS-a2 users can easily extract one or more components for the checks and simple pass the prepared dates to tec4U's CoChecker software. The CoChecker software checks against the specified conformity requirements based on your IMDS data. The result is a certificate of compliance with given specifications. This helps you ensure material compliance with less time and effort by your employees, and trust in your products by your customers.

IMDS-a2 CoChecker Module Functionality:

CoChecker is easy to use. The MDSs to be analyzed can be added quickly and easily to the CoChecker window using “drag and drop” from different IMDS-a2 search windows, including:

  • Inbox
  • Outbox
  • MDS / component / semi-component / material search
  • Where-used analysis

After choosing the target directory on your PC, the required XML files are then generated from the defined MDSs - one file for each MDS. You can process up to 30 MDSs at once. You then transfer the generated encrypted XML files to tec4U to be analyzed by the CoChecker software.

Here are the four steps to enable IMDS users to access CoChecker:

  1. You must be a current IMDS-a2 user. If not, you simply purchase an a2 license from DXC. Additionally you need the "CoChecker Module," which is licensed separately.
  2. With tec4U you order a CoChecker check contingent.
  3. You extract the MDSs to be checked with the IMDS-a2 and submit them directly to tec4U.
  4. tec4U analyzes your product's material compliance based on your requirements and prepares a check report as well as a material compliance certificate for positive results.

Prices for the CoChecks, which are purchased separately from tec4U, depend on both the size of your IMDS MDS(s) and the ordered check contingent (amount of purchased checks). One CoCheck costs between 195 € and 250 €.

Click here to read more about DXC's IMDS-a2 price and order conditions.

Free 30-Day Trial

Try the IMDS-a2 functionality, including the CoChecker module with our Trial Version for 30 days, free of charge (without REACH module). During the evaluation period, each IMDS company will be able to generate up to five MDS extracts for no extra charge.

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