News 2001

NEWS 2001


The new Release 1.7.1 is now available.


The new Release 1.7 is now available.
Please be aware of the enhancements for the IMDS company-/user administration of Rel. 1.7


Since its inception, the IMDS has continually grown. More than 3,400 suppliers currently use the system. In August, the 10,000th user was registered! You can find more information about this in the English translation of a recent German press release.


Additional information to the Ford Global IMDS Launch
CY 2001 Restricted Substance Management Standard Reporting Updates.
Assignment of Application Identification for Substances ...

A new interface to upload your data into the Material Datasheet via an XML-Interface can be licensed. For further information about the upload interface please contact the IMDS Service Center.

In order to use the IMDS application, all new users have to be registered first by the IMDS Service Center.


Several new general questions have been added to the FAQ section. For example, you may now download an Excel sheet for calculating fastener surfaces.


The pages Training and Contact have been updated. A dedicated IMDS Service Center for Fiat suppliers is now available.


Ford-specific IMDS information
In order to create RSMS certifications for Ford, you have to get a certain user profile. Please contact the IMDS Service Center which will be happy to send you the pertinent request form for IMDS users.


The VDA List has just been updated. You now have access to the 2001 version of the "VDA List of Declarable Materials - Substances in Components and Construction Materials - VDA 232 - 101" which also features references to the EU Directive on ELV.


The new Release 1.6.2 is available now. Chapter 2 (security and environmental) information is optional.

The IMDS application is now also available in Italian.


EDS is currently in pilot tests for the new IMDS feature Data Upload. Soon you will able to obtain a license for it so that you can upload material data sheet information via an XML-interface instead of entering the data interactively in the web application.


The new IMDS version 1.6 is available now.

Note for Ford:
With the selection of Ford as MDB recipient the part numbers and supplier numbers (GSDB codes) are checked. These must be input in this case.


An Italian version of the IMDS application will be made available in 1-2 weeks. We'll keep you posted.


We would like to welcome another car manufacturer to IMDS: FIAT joined our user community at the beginning of the month.


An IMDS Web-Based Training course is available.


Campus-Material is no longer available for new material data sheets.


The new IMDS version 1.4 is available now.