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NEWS 2010


23rd official IMDS newsletter available.
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In the FAQ section you find the updated Suzuki IMDS manual.


As announced on 14th October 2010, Recommendation IMDS021 ("Spin-on Oil Filters") was deactivated on 26th November 2010.


Today the changes for Recommendation IMDS019 have been moved to production as announced in the News from 17th November 2010.

However, due to issues in some regions with hiding the application code >Solder in electronic circuit boards and other electric applications< the IMDS Steering Committee decided to postpone this activity.


The IMDS Release 7.1 changes due to the Revision of Recommendation IMDS019 will go into production on Nov. 26th, 2010.

In addition to the IMDS application changes as outlined in the News entry of Nov. 5th, 2010, we would like to inform you about the following MDS data changes being performed. For further information, please check on the new FAQs for Recommendation IMDS019.

  1. The new standard MDSs from IMDS Company ZVEI-Rec019 will be published and available for referencing as outlined in Recommendation IMDS019.
  2. IMDS-Committee MDSs being replaced by these MDSs will be hidden. Existing references on released MDSs to these materials will not receive error/warning messages. However they will no longer be available in the search results for new references.
  3. The Application Code >Solder in electronic circuit boards and other electric applications< will be hidden. Existing uses of this application code in Released MDSs will not receive an error or warning but it will no longer be available for future MDSs.


The IMDS Recommendation IMDS022 "Change Management" will be deactivated on 17th February 2011.


Next CLEPA IMDS Suppliers' Group meeting

The next CLEPA IMDS Supplier's Group meeting is scheduled on 26 January 2011 in Coburg - BROSE premises - Germany. The latest status of the IMDS will be presented as well as the on-going works to improve and streamline it. In particular, the latest and next international activities of CLEPA together with the US suppliers of AIAG and the Japanese suppliers of JAPIA will be explained.

It will be the opportunity to raise any question to the representatives of the IMDS Steering Committee and of the CLEPA IMDS Expert Group.

Please note that registrations are free of charge.


New IMDS company ID for Volkswagen Group of America

The Volkswagen Group of America (VWGoA) has a new company ID. All suppliers delivering parts to VWGoA Chattanooga are requested to send their corresponding material datasheets to the new company ID 106473 (instead of the current company IDs 107 or 38101, respectively). This is necessary for BeOn to recognize the datasheets as existent.


In accordance with Recommendation IMDS019 getting effective the following changes are planned for rollout on IMDS Production November 26th, 2010.

Changes due to Recommendation IMDS019 Update:
1. Currently the material search screen for published material MDSs the supplier list is by default populated with the IMDS SC companies. This list can be individually modified by the users. The same functionality will be applied for ZVEI-Rec019, Company ID 102677, but only for the semi-component MDS search screen.
2. Hiding of MDSs created by ZVEI-Rec019, Company ID 102677 will be allowed. Therefore hidden MDSs cannot be used for new MDSs and will not cause Error/Warning messages in existing references.
3. IMDS Check exclusions for MDSs created by ZVEI-Rec019, Company ID 102677 analog to IMDS SC Committee MDSs:

a. No check of 10% - rule for confidential substances, including wildcards for highly confidential substances
b. No material substance checks (known as SC90 checks)
c. No substance range checks

Classification 6.1 added to a Material Substance Check:

Substance is Sum of substances named "Basic Elastomer" Basic elastomers > 50% 5.2, 5.3, 5.5.1, 6.1, 6.2, 6.3, 7.3, 8.x

Adaptation of Weight Limit < 1,000,000 kg for Semi-Components and Materials when used as Reference under a Component: (this change will be postponed to 27th January 2011)

Currently in IMDS Release 7.1 up to 1,000 kg weight can be entered for referenced semi-components and materials in components. This change will allow to add up to 1,000,000 kg due to specific needs of the truck industry.


Chrysler updated their IMDS guidance document. Please refer to the updated document on FAQ.


The IMDS Recommendation IMDS021 "Spin-on Oil Filters" will be deactivated on 27th November 2010.


Toyota updated their IMDS input manual and related documents.
Please refer to the updated manuals on FAQ.


Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation (MFTBC) updated their IMDS input manual.
Please refer to the updated manuals on FAQ (Daimler).


On 27th November 2010 an updated version of the Recommendation IMDS019 "Electric/Electronic (E/E) components and assemblies" will be activated. This document is available in IMDS under the menu "Recommendations".

(original version 27th August 2010, updated 15th September 2010)


The seventh Annual IMDS/REACH Summit will take place on 26th October 2010 in Livonia/Michigan.


We are glad to announce that Fisker Automotive has joined the IMDS (company ID 85985).


In the FAQ section you find the updated Suzuki IMDS manual.


We are glad to announce that Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC) has joined the IMDS (company ID 87112).


On July 15th 2010 the following changes were successfully rolled out to the IMDS Production system:

Basic Substance Request Screen - Allows IMDS users to request Basic Substances using an IMDS screen. The Basic Substance Service can access the request data and process the Basic Substance request accordingly (more details will follow with the IMDS manual).

Check Small Parts removal - Removal of check for an extraordinary high number of parts with < 5g (in the context of Basic Substance range checks).

SVHC (not part of GADSL) must not be confidential - As well SVHC, not yet part of GADSL, must not be marked as confidential.

Furthermore there was an Update on Basic Substances that are REACh SVHC and on the Annex I (IMDS001a) on the Recommentadtion IMDS001.


On 15th October 2010 the Recommendation IMDS006 Automotive Lubricants will be deactivated. An example for special requirements for automotive lubricants is now included in Annex I (IMDS001a) of the Recommendation IMDS001. This document is available in IMDS under the menu "Recommendations".


Please note that of July 15th, following Basic Substances will be flagged SVHC in IMDS:

CAS -No.


From the release of July 15th, these basic substances will follow the same rules as do other substances flagged as SVHC or in GADSL. After the release is productive you can scan your data whether you have used one of these substances as a confidential substance.


22nd official IMDS newsletter available.
Likewise now a newsletter registration is possible.


In the FAQ section you will find the Ford Rollout Package 2010.


Please find enclosed the IMDS Steering Committee documentation about the application changes for your support as announced on 23rd March 2010.


Information about receiving E-mails automatically issued by IMDS

As announced with IMDS Release 7.0, E-mails about own MDSs containing GADSL substances marked as confidential will be automatically sent by the IMDS to Company Administrators on special events (e.g. update of IMDS GADSL).  This information is generated because - in general - GADSL substances must not be marked as confidential (and IMDS does not allow this when creating a datasheet). However, by subsequently adding substances to the GADSL it is possible, that substances marked as confidential became part of the GADSL at a later point of time.

With Release 7.0 all Company Administrators were automatically registered in the User Settings to receive this E-mail, which of course could or can be changed by all IMDS users individually.

During the next few days these E-mails will be generated and sent out by IMDS.


We are happy to present the new IMDS Public Pages to the IMDS user community. The new pages are available in parallel to the current pages from today, 24th March 2010. The current IMDS Public Pages will be switched off on 15th April 2010. Please browse these new pages in order to get familiar with

- the new IMDS Public Pages layout,
- the revised contents,
- updated FAQs and
- especially the new Search function


As previously announced, today the substance applications in IMDS were adapted to the ELV Annex II amendments.

Please find attached for further information the link to the Commission Decision of 23 February 2010 amending Annex II to Directive 2000/53/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on end-of-life Vehicles.

The IMDS Steering Committee is preparing additional documentation about the application changes for your support that we will post as soon as available.


On March 23rd, 2010 the substance applications in IMDS will be adapted to the ELV Annex II amendments.
These comprise additional applications available for Lead and its compounds.

The following Excel file is reflecting these changes marked in red color in the tabfolder called 'Applications'. This sheet can be found as well under FAQ.


As announced on 17th November 2009 an Annex I for the updated IMDS001 is now available (with examples for certain cases, a description of the VDA categories and a list of the norms, for which the IMDS Steering Committee MDSs were created). This Annex I does not contain additional regulations and is published under "Recommendations" in IMDS.


The following basic substances that were added to GADSL on Feb. 16th, 2010 had to be removed from GADSL today:

Triacetin 102-76-1
Trientine 112-24-3

Please find attached the updated list. We apologize for this situation.


As already announced before, the changes due to the updated Recommendation IMDS001 getting effective today and other minor improvements (see announcement from Jan. 21st, 2010) were implemented in IMDS. Furthermore the GADSL and REACH substance updates were completed (see announcement from Feb. 8th, 2010) in combination with a notification for IMDS users after login to IMDS.

Additionally based on discussions after IMDS Rel. 7.0 and as agreed with suppliers organized in AIAG and CLEPA, the steering committee published the information regarding warnings in IMDS quality checks.


21th official IMDS newsletter available.
Likewise now a newsletter registration is possible.


Nissan Diesel Motor Co., Ltd. changed its English company name to UD Trucks Corporation effective as of February 1st, 2010. The IMDS Company ID is still 13989.


On February 16th, 2010 combined with the already announced IMDS Recommendation 001 rollout the GADSL and REACH SVHC revisions will be implemented in IMDS. For details, please see the GADSL and REACH SVHC update documents.


As announced November 2009, EDS was acquired by Hewlett Packard. With the migration of former EDS into HP also the email-addresses are migrated into the HP Domain. We already announced changes of the Helpdesk addresses. With Thursday, January 28th, we will also change the email address used for IMDS.
Please note that from January 28th any mails formerly sent from will be sent from This will affect all mails on registration, password reset and information on MDSs. A couple of companies do use email spam filters, which block emails with the word "password" in it. Please make sure that your mail server allows mails with the word "password" from Otherwise you will not be able to reset our password any more.


Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation (MFTBC) updated their IMDS input manual.
Please refer to the updated manuals on FAQ (Daimler)


According to the announcement of Nov. 17th, 2009 in the IMDS News Page, due to IMDS Recommendation IMDS001 update necessary amendments of the IMDS check procedure will get activated Feb. 16th, 2010 in the IMDS Production system.

(Note: The mentioned Appendix I in this announcement for IMDS001 of Nov. 17th, 2009 has not been published yet by the IMDS Steering Committee and is out of today's perspective independent from changes of the IMDS checks inside the application).

The following changes in the IMDS check procedure will get active:

Please refer to the according chapters in the IMDS001 document, available in the IMDS application under menu item 'Recommendations':

1) Rule 4.3.1.B
In semi-components created since release of IMDS 7.0, the usage weight type (kg/m, kg/m2 or kg/m3) of the semi-component must be entered.
New Check: An error for newly created MDSs/Modules of type semi-component (in 'Edit mode') will be generated if weight type is missing or specific weight entered equals to zero starting Feb. 16th, 2010.

2) Rule 4.5.3.H
The wildcard "not yet specified" is only allowed in preliminary material MDSs. It must not be used in materials for final (PPAP/Initial Sample Report) MDSs.
New Check: An error will be generated if used in final materials not being flagged as development sample report.

3) 4.5.4 Portion (Percentage) Ranges
Adaptation of Check: The portion ranges previously used only for material classifications 5.x and 6.x are now used for every classification. These are:

Portion: from X % to Y % Maximum M = Y % ¿ X %
0 < X < 7.5 M < 3
7.5 < X < 20 M < 5
20 < X < 100 M < 10

Accordingly the ExcelSheet containing all IMDS Checks has been updated in the related FAQ.

Please be informed about the following further improvements of IMDS (independent from Recommendation IMDS001 update):

  • IMDS application in Spanish language has been reworked
  • Analysis - Certificate of Expenditure ('Where used Analysis'): After initiation of an analysis request the user gets further information about its processing status. Depending on the analysis request and current system load the processing is scheduled, while the user can proceed working in IMDS and pick up the analysis result after completion at a later point of time. After log off from IMDS the analysis result data will not be available anymore.
  • 'User Administration Screen' for Company Administrators: User Profile 'User1' has been renamed to 'User' without any changes related to IMDS application access rights. Furthermore improvement of profile descriptions.


As announced on 17th November 2009, on 16th February 2010 an updated version of the IMDS Recommendation IMDS001 will enter into force. For better understanding 2 minor changes were included today. Please check the version history of the document in the Menu Recommendations within the IMDS application.