News 2008

NEWS 2008


The following two changes are now productive:

  • The tolerance threshold of the Renault-specific check has been extended from 10% to 13%.
  • The already available MDS statistics for Company Administrators can now be found under "Statistics" in the main menu.


As pure ions do not exist as substances they never can be present in a material. Ions always are combined with other counterions of different charge. Therefore you cannot use ions any more in your material as an ingredient, only salts containing these ions. In the future it will not be possible for the pure ions listed below to be selected any more. Please select instead the salt that contains the ion (e.g. sodium chloride rather than chloride):

Borate, Bromide, Carbide, Chloride, Chromate (CrO42-), Chromium (III)-ion, Fluoride, Iodide, Nickel, ion (Ni3+), Nitrate, Nitrite, Phosphate, SO4 radikal, Sulfate, Sulfide, Sulfite, Thiosulfate, Zinc, ion (Zn2+), Zyanate, Zyanide


18th official IMDS newsletter available.


In the FAQ section you will find the Ford Mid-Year Rollout Package 2008.


IMDS Release 6.1 is online. Please get informed about enhancements in the Release notes 6.1.


The following two substances have been flagged as part of the GADSL:

  • Anthracene (CAS No. 120-12-7): duty-to-declare
  • 1,2,5,6,9,10-Hexabromocyclododecane (CAS No 3194-55-6): duty-to-declare


The 5th Annual AIAG IMDS/ELV Summit will take place on Oct. 29 2008 in US, Michigan.

If you are a supplier within the automotive industry you cannot afford to miss this event, where growing producer responsibility for manufacturers of Substances of Concern (SOC) will be in the spotlight.
The event focuses on educating Tier One through Tier N suppliers on current and upcoming environmental regulations, requirements and issues and will provide information to assist you in efficiently tracking and reporting into the International Material Data System (IMDS).
For more information about this event - IMDS/ELV Summit.


IMDS Release 6.1 is planned for production starting October 30th, 2008. Please get informed about enhancements in the preliminary Release notes 6.1.


On Oct. 8th, 2008 the substance applications in IMDS will be adapted to the Annex II amendments.
These comprise:

Current application 'Lead in bearing shells and bushes' will be removed and replaced with two new applications:

  • Lead as an alloying element in bearing shells and bushes in engines, transmissions and air conditioning compressors.
  • Lead as an alloying element in bearing shells and bushes for all other applications (potentially prohibited).

The following Excel file is reflecting these changes marked in red color in the tabfolder called 'Applications'. This sheet can be found as well under FAQ.


The AIAG REACH training portfolio is now available. Please find more information here.


The 10% undisclosed substance check rule for materials of classification 5.1.a, 5.1.b, 5.4 an 5.5 containing a structure acceptable according to Recommendation 010 (a material with sub-materials) will be amended: The amount of undisclosed substances of these materials will be calculated on top-material level when releasing or accepting (instead for each sub-material individually). Still a warning will be generated if the total of the undisclosed substances on the top-material level exceeds 10%.

This change will be implemented in IMDS Sept. 11th, 2008.


We are glad to announce that Shanghai GM has joined the IMDS (company ID 75773).


17th official IMDS newsletter available.


16th official IMDS newsletter available.


The 3rd AIAG REACH Symposium will take place on June 26th, 2008 in US, Michigan.
For more information about this event - REACH Symposium.


Since the IMDS Release 6.0 rollout there have been many user requests concerning warnings on ranges and 10% not specified substances when checking MDSs published by the IMDS Steering Committee. These MDSs are now excluded from the checks. The background for this decision is that many of these MDSs were created for simplification of the data entry process or can not follow these rules because of the norms/standards they refer to.

The warnings concerned are:

  • Range of portion may not exceed allowed percentage.
  • More than 10% not specified substances. ("Not specified" are wild card or confidential substances).


In June 2007, the European Regulation (EC) 1907/2006 concerning the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) entered into force. REACH also affects the Automotive Industry, because vehicle manufacturers and many tiers of the supply chain have several roles and obligations under REACH. Action is required from the OEMs and suppliers, some immediately and some over the coming 11 years and beyond:
It is of key importance to take advantage of the pre-registration option in REACH.


IMDS Release 6.0 is online. Please get informed about enhancements in the Release notes 6.0. Additional information you can find in the FAQ (category "General Info").


In the FAQ section you will find the Ford Rollout Package 2008.


For April 4th, 2008 it is planned to update the substances in IMDS regarding their GADSL categories (duty-to-declare/prohibited). Details can be found in this Excel file.

This update has no impact on the current substance application handling in IMDS.


IMDS Release 6.0 is planned for production starting April 24th, 2008. Please get informed about enhancements in the preliminary Release notes 6.0.
For further information on IMDS Release 6.0 you can download the IMDS Release 6.0 user manual (PDF / ZIP).