News 2004

NEWS 2004


The new Release 2.2 is now available.


Please read the information on Restructuring the Volkswagen Group in IMDS in Dec. 3rd, 2004.
If there are any questions concerning this issue, please contact
Dr. Anja Pieper, Tel.: 0049-5361-9-46991, or
Benjamin Plaga, Tel.: 0049-5361-9-44983,


IMDS release 2.2 is planned to go into production in Dec. 07th, 2004. In advance for your information the release notes 2.2.


The sixth official IMDS Newsletter is now available.


If you recently installed Service Pack 2 for Windows XP and you work with Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE), you might encounter problems working with Internet applications like IMDS, for example JavaScript errors ("Permission denied") or missing pop-up windows (login window, search windows etc.).
In such cases please make sure that Service Pack 2 did not reset your IE settings (compare them to the IMDS System Requirements).
Additionally please configure IE's new pop-up blocker to allow pop-up windows from the site and enable script-initiated windows in IE's security settings.
If you need help with either of the above (IE settings and pop-up blocker), please contact your company's IT/PC support.


We are happy to announce that Nissan Diesel joined the IMDS community.


From now on you can access edition 2004 of the List of Declarable Materials in Automobile Manufacturing - Substances in Components and Construction Materials (previous VDA-List 232-101).


The new VW norm 01155 was published. The German version is added as enclosure. You can find the requirements of the Volkswagen group for creating data sheets in its annex. An information sheet with further hints is added here as well as enclosure. The German version can be found on the German pages.

VW 01155 June 2004 and VW Requirements on MDSs - Suppliers to the Volkswagen Group find the most current versions of these documents on the Group Business Platform


For Hyundai the inhouse norms 'ms' and 'es' have been added. The lower case is neccessary to distinguish them from the Mitsubishi norms 'MS' and 'ES'.


According to the IMDS Steering Committee decision the warning message 'The substance has been deleted.' has been changed to 'The substance has been deactivated, while references in previously created modules/MDSs are still valid and can be sent.'

The same applies for the warning message 'The module/MDS has been deleted.' which has been changed to 'The module/MDS has been deactivated, while references in previously created modules/MDSs are still valid and can be sent.'

The more detailed wording of the message text intends to point out that deactivated substances (resp. modules/MDSs) are still valid in MDS-references established prior to the deletion (deactivation).

General Motors Enhancement:

In the FAQ section you will find detailed information regarding the new Part Number and DUNS-Code Filter for General Motors.
The 'Partial Certification' in the menu item Certification for Adam Opel AG has been removed.

DaimlerChrysler Enhancement:

The following 3 fields are available in case DaimlerChrysler has been selected as MDS recipient:
SC1 (supplementary code1, 4 characters), SC2 (supplementary code2, 4 characters), DGL (drawing geometry technical level, 3 digits).

There are no changes in the IMDS Upload Interface.However please pay attention to the additional checks of GM's partnumber and supplier code (DUNS number, see above). The additional fields for DaimlerChrysler are optional and will be added to the Upload Interface for the next IMDS Release, which will be announced separately and ahead of time.


Important Notice for IMDS Up-/Download Licensees:

Due to IMDS system maintenance activities IMDS will not be available during the weekend starting Saturday, July 10th, 2004 at 0.00 am (CEST) (midnight) until Sunday, July 11th, 2004 latest at 12.00 pm (CEST) (midnight).

Please be aware that during this time period uploads cannot be processed on the IMDS Server. Downloadfiles for Friday, July 9th until Sunday, July 11th will be available on Monday morning. Please consider in your IMDS inhouse processes if necessary.


Suppliers to Autoliv will not be able to send any material data in IMDS to Autoliv between June 18 and 22, 2004.
The Autoliv IMDS addresses will be closed on the days from June 18 through June 22, 2004 due to a reorganization of the Autoliv IMDS adherence.
Autoliv will group all Autoliv companies under one roof in IMDS. Each Autoliv Company, involved in IMDS reporting, has today its own unique IMDS ID (IMDS address).
All Autoliv companies in IMDS have been recreated as so-called Units under the roof and will therefore continue to have unique IMDS ID's. Autoliv companies will be easier to find as they are placed under one corporate address.
As a side effect of the reorganization, the current Autoliv IMDS ID's will have to change, e.g. each new Unit will have a different ID than the corresponding company has had.
Suppliers shall use the new IMDS ID's when sending material data in IMDS to Autoliv after June 22, 2004.


Volvo adopted some of the Ford Motor Company specific enhancements in IMDS.
If Volvo has been selected as recipient of a MDS, the recipient specific screen for Volvo has been enhanced the following way:

  • The additional field for 'Polymeric Parts' according to ISO 1043 and 11469 can be checked
  • The supplier code will be checked against Ford's supplier codes (GSDB parent code)
  • Applications need to be selected for all substances of the MDS that are as well part of Ford's RSL
  • Ford's part/material/item number check has not been adopted yet (but will follow in the future)


In the FAQ section you will find Ford Motor Company's RSMS Rollout Package 2004.


From Tuesday to Thursday (May 11th - 13th, 2004) about 12000 additional metal materials will be loaded into IMDS and published for general usage under the company name "IMDS-Committee / ILI Metals" (Company-ID 18986).
These metals apply to the following norms: ASME, ASTM, EN, EN ISO, ISO, JIS or SAE. Users searching for these norms may find the according material data sheets.

About 450 materials originally coming from the "Stahl und Eisenliste" (Steel and Iron List) will be replaced by the new datasheets, meaning that the according "Stahl und Eisenliste" materials will be deactivated and will no longer be available. Used references to these deactivated materials are still valid.

By this, IMDS wants to support the suppliers in referencing material datasheets instead of creating own internal material modules or datasheets. Besides regular updates and corrections to the material database further activities in this direction will follow.

Although the new materials will be loaded with many rules and checks to keep up with data quality you may encounter single occurrences of improper datasheets due to the high amount of datasheets automatically loaded. In case you notice one of these materials your input to our Service Center is highly appreciated.

For IMDS Up-/Download licensees please make sure to update your inhouse systems with these additionally published materials and referring norms.
Other than that IMDS strongly recommends the Up-/and Download licensees to use references to existing materials instead of uploading equal materials many times.


Fifth official IMDS newsletter available.


On Friday April 30th, 2004 the categories "duty-to-declare" and "prohibited" of the ILRS substances will be updated on the IMDS database. The ILRS substances have been available as a substance list with the name "ILRS" since IMDS Rel. 2.1.1, selectable in the filter in chapter 1 of material data sheets and in the certificate of expenditure. The filter in chapter 1 will then be defaulted to "ILRS" and referring field descriptions will be updated (e.g. the field name "VDA category" will be changed to "ILRS category").

All substances that are currently part of VDA will be put into a substance list called "VDA". That allows, if required, to filter or analyze exclusively for VDA substances as before. Substances that are categorized in duty-to-declare/prohibited must still not be marked as confidential.

Further information on which substances will be updated you may find under recommendations, "IMDS Basic Substance Changes". The current version of ILRS can be found in recommendations, number "IMDS STD101", title "IMDS International list of reportable substances (ILRS-list)" or in the FAQs - "General Information".

IMPORTANT NOTICE for IMDS Up- and Download licensees:
In general Up- and Download licensees must make sure to have the most current version of the IMDS basic substances loaded. However in this context it is very important to update the basic substances of the inhouse system with the IMDS substance file, because several substances change in the category attribute.


New Recommendation 015 ("Automotive Steering Systems") is available in the IMDS menu "Recommendations".


The IMDS Steering Committee (IMDS SC) and the IMDS Supplier Association (IMDS ZK) agreed upon processes and structures of IMDS data entries. (Download of the common statement of the IMDS SC and the IMDS ZK)
Furthermore, agreement was reached about the preliminary use of the ILRS (International List of Reportable Substances) as global list for duty-to-declare and prohibited substances. The IMDS ILRS list for the automobile industry (instead of the VDA list 232-101 used up to now) is introduced and used until a common, global list will be available. This list shall be only relevant for the reporting within IMDS. It shall not amend, limit or change the requirements included in bilateral delivery contracts.


The new Release 2.1.1 is now available.


New recommendation 018 ("Automotive Glazing Parts") is available in the IMDS menu "recommendation".


From today onwards you will find all planned basic substance changes for each end of the month in the IMDS under "Recommendations" as first entry. The document will be updated until one week before the end of the month. After this the changes come into effect as announced.


If you received unannounced mail communication from imds-related e-mail addresses like imds-boarding or imds-helpdesk in the last 2 days, please read on ...
Since yesterday a new Worm - Novarg / MyDoom-A - is replicating massively on the Internet. It sends itself as e-mail attachment to new victims. The Subject lines can be "Mail Delivery System", "Mail Transaction Failed", "Server Report", "Status" , "Error", "Hello" or similar. If you receive such an e-mail, DO NOT OPEN THE ATTACHMENT. This worm uses a faked from-address. So if person A is infected, the worm will send an e-mail to person B using person's C e-mail address as sender e-mail. So person B will think that it received e-mail from person C, when in fact, the e-mail came from person A. So, if you receive an e-mail from - virtually - the imds helpdesk or boarding e-mail adresses that fullfills above mentioned criteria, that means somebody, who had once communication with one of our e-mail adresses got infected. Immediately DELETE this Mail. For further information go to ( English )


We are happy to announce that Hyundai and KIA joined the IMDS community.


Additional information concerning Isuzu's Global IMDS Rollout.
The zip file include following data:
Notice of IMDS Registration, Material Classification in IMDS, ISZR-ISUZU MATERIAL NUMBER STANDARD, ISZH MATERIAL CLASSIFICATION STANDARD, Weight of hexavalent chromium and coating per area in surface treatment, Method to Input Data in IMDS for Components and Method to Input Data in IMDS (Summary).

Isuzu Instruction Package

Note: For displaying the Isuzu pdf documents you need the Japanese Font Package.