News 2003

NEWS 2003


Fourth official IMDS newsletter available.


  • MDS Chapter 3 and 4 (Contact Information and Recipient data):
    Before it was possible to change chapter 3 (contact information) and chapter 4 information (recipient specific data, e.g. part-/item number of recipient) of released MDS. With this change it is not possible anymore, which means that no information can be changed after releasing the MDS. However, it is still possible to add or remove recipients and modify new recipients before sending.
    The 'freezing' of a MDS takes place in the following datasheet states:
    • Handshake (after sending)
    • Internally released (after proposing or explicit internal release)
    • Published
    In other words, it is only possible to change the datasheet when it is in edit mode. Nevertheless, changing the recipients is allowed when:
    • Recipient is in edit mode (newly added recipient)
    • Recipient is in rejected or modified mode (after sending/proposing and rejecting).
  • New Certification Type for Ford Motor Company, menu item Certification:
    Heavy Metals Reporting Certification for North America


New GM/Fiat IMDS Instructions available under FAQ


New and updated recommendations ("General Structure", "Automotive Coatings" and "Circuit Boards") are available in the IMDS menu "Recommendations".


Starting today the Public IMDS Pages are available in Korean language.


The new Release 2.1 is now available.


You can find new recommendations ("Polymer Material Products") in IMDS.


New and updated recommendations ("General Structure" and "Automotives Lighting") are available in the IMDS menu "Recommendations".


In the FAQ you will find information about the password reset in IMDS.


Another car manufacturer has joined the International Material Data System.
Welcome, Isuzu!


We are happy to announce that Suzuki joined the IMDS community.
Welcome, Suzuki!


Starting today using the Search Screen and searching for MDSs using the MDS-ID as search option will change its behavior: IMDS will search for the exact match of the MDS-ID entered as search option. If you wish to find all MDS starting with the entered search option you have to append the search wildcard ' * ' as usual in IMDS.


Please be aware of the new contact information of the IMDS North American Service Center. Including new telephone number: +1 717-506-1461.


Starting July 1st, 2003 the basic substance "Request/Hg/Cr6/Cd/Pb"
and the published material data sheet "ELV-Request/Hg/Cr6/Cd/Pb" (MDS-ID: 1000536)
will be deacitvated according to the IMDS Steering Committee's decision, i.e. will not be available for future usage.


Third official IMDS newsletter available.


The new Release 2.0 is now available.


New IMDS manual for Toyota related enhancements in the FAQ available.


As a service for our german-speaking users, there now is a german translation of the IMDS Use Conditions. This translation is for information purposes only. In doubt, the current english version is binding.


Regarding the maximum amount of concurrent IMDS user EDS has sent to all active users an e-mail.


We are happy to announce that Fuji Heavy Industries (Subaru) joined the IMDS community. Welcome, Fuji Heavy Industries (Subaru)!


We are happy to announce that NISSAN joined the IMDS community.
Welcome, NISSAN!


GM/Fiat specific IMDS information
GM Supplier, please have a look into the reworked GM instruction package. There
are detailed instructions regarding material and constituent disclosure.
PDF (1.0 MB), ZIP (0.7 MB)


In the FAQ you will find information about the process and the price for company reorganizations in IMDS.


Ford Motor Company Rollout Package for 2003. (RSL, Requirements


New IMDS Release 1.9.1 is now in production. Please read the Release Notes
In addition a new IMDS Questionnaire has been initiated. 

Referring to '(12) Modification of IMDS Use Conditions' the IMDS Use Conditions have been changed in the following paragraphs: 

(13) Termination / Access Restriction: 
'... Notwithstanding the aforementioned, EDS is entitled to keep one copy of all data and information of the USER after termination for reasons of tendering evidence, which is to be stored in the legal department of EDS ...' 
('... which is to be stored in the legal department of EDS ...' has been added) 

(16) Limitation of Liability, 16.2.2: 
'In case of wilful misconduct or negligent breach of material obligations, the data providing USER 's liability is limited to typical, foreseeable damages; ...' 
(first sentence: 'wilful misconduct' has been removed).

All IMDS-Users that already accepted the existing IMDS Use Conditions will be informed about the changes directly by e-mail.


Second official IMDS newsletter available.


Starting Monday, January 27th, 2003, all users will be asked to confirm the IMDS Use Conditions when accessing the application (has been replaced, see NEWS entry [06.02.2003]).