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Vinfast has updated the information for their suppliers. More information can be found under OEM-specific info > Vinfast.



The new revision of the IMDS Terms of Use Version 6.0 (IMDS ToU V6) will come into effect on September 12th, 2022.

According to the IMDS ToU change process IMDS users will get notified on the IMDS web pages and in addition by email 30 days before the activation when being asked to confirm the new ToU after login to IMDS. 

The major reason of the IMDS ToU revision is to allow IMDS registered companies (OEMs and suppliers) extended use of already existing IMDS information for legal requirements or regulatory obligations in sustainability, environmental and corporate social responsibility. A change of the IMDS functionality is not associated with it. However, in line with the IMDS enhancement requirements definition process, additional IMDS functionality might get implemented in future to support data collection for some of the listed requirements. The same applies for future changes of IMDS Recommendations where IMDS participating OEMs and supplier representatives jointly work together as well.  

Please take note that the IMDS participating OEMs and representatives from the supplier organizations (AIAG, CLEPA, JAPIA, PE) have commonly agreed on the new IMDS ToU V6.

Below you can find the IMDS ToU V6 document as such and the IMDS ToU V6 tracked changes document containing all changes marked in red color font for more details about modifications compared to the current version of the IMDS ToU. Besides the substantial changes in Chapter (6) Scope of Usage of Data all other modifications have editorial character, aim to be more precise or are legally required to add.

With the extension of IMDS data usage in the IMDS ToU V6 IMDS registered companies will be better positioned and authorized to reuse already existing IMDS material data or to benefit from related future enhancements. 

IMDS ToU V6 - with tracked changes




We are glad to announce that Canoo (Company ID 213982) has joined the IMDS.



IMDS Newsletter 59 is now available.



Supplier representatives asked for the option to mark material naming for Electric/Electronic (E/E) components and assemblies in line with Recommendation IMDS019. For this purpose a new public norm called "IMDS Rec" can be selected and "019" entered as norm code. 



We are glad to announce that Volta Trucks Ltd. has joined the IMDS (Company ID 243449).

More information for suppliers can be found under OEM-specific information > Volta Trucks Ltd.



Referring to ECHA’s announcement about the update of the SCIP system-to-system application programming interface (S2S API) on July 18, 2022 no further activities for using IMDS are required.



On June 10, 2022 there was an update on the REACH Candidate List by ECHA. With this Candidate List update only one substance was added as an SVHC. The IMDS Basic Substance List has been assessed and as the substance is not in IMDS, it still correlates with the REACH Candidate List. Therefore, there is no SVHC Update required in IMDS.



The following Recommendations have been revised and will be valid from 1st September 2022: IMDS001, IMDS007, IMDS008, IMDS011, IMDS012 and IMDS019. The new versions are available in IMDS under Help -> Recommendations.

Although validity of the new version starts 1st September 2022, it is highly recommended to comply with the new rules as early as possible.



We are glad to announce that Togg has joined the IMDS (Company ID 228895).

More information for suppliers can be found under OEM-specific information > Togg.



Volvo Cars have updated the information for their suppliers. More information can be found under OEM-specific info > Volvo Cars.



Since the changes in the SC90 checks with IMDS Release 13.2, there are more Warnings for Iron/Nickel alloys in classification 1.1.2 stating that more than 38% of Nickel is contained and another classification should be chosen. This is due the fact that the limit for Nickel in classification 3.4 was lowered to 38%. On Wednesday, 11th May 2022, we will roll out a change that Nickel with more than 38% is allowed in classification 1.1.2.


IMDS Newsletter 58 is now available.



Volkswagen AG has adapted the chapter 2.6 regarding the material names and updated the list of recipients of Volkswagen AG. More information can be found under OEM-specific info > Volkswagen.



REACH Annex XIV basic substances list

The following document lists the substances in IMDS which will be added on April 29, 2022 to the REACH Annex XIV basic substances list.
REACH Authorization List Update April 2022



Substance Group Update in IMDS

As part of the February 2022 GADSL update in IMDS the following substance groups have been established to help users filter and find the various categories of PFAS substances in addition to the PFOA substance group already existed before:

Per and Poly- fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS)
PFDA, salts and related compounds
PFBS, salts and related compounds
PFNA, salts and related compounds
PFHxA, salts and related compounds
PFCAs, salts and related compounds
PFOS, salts and related compounds
PFHxS, salts and related compounds



On 03-May-2022 the current IMDS server SSL certificate will be replaced with a new version.

This is a routine change that occurred every second year in the past and will occur yearly in the future, reflecting the industry consensus to raise security by granting shorter lifespans to SSL certificates. If your company does not employ certificate pinning (https://www.digicert.com/dc/blog/certificate-pinning-what-is-certificate-pinning/) in its perimeter security setup, you do not need to do anything as the new certificate will simply work transparently for you, just like the old one. But if your company does employ certificate pinning, you need to validate the new certificate before 03-May-2021.

You can download the new certificate within the next few days here:





Hyundai Motor and KIA updated the information for their suppliers. More information can be found under OEM-specific info > Hyundai Motor and KIA.



Ford Motor Company has put together RSMS information for their suppliers. You can find more information in the section "OEM Specific Information" > Ford.



Due to the 2022 Ching Ming Festival Holiday the IMDS Service Center in China will not be available from April 2, 2022 to April 5, 2022.



Effective 4th March 2022, General Motors NA-Global Propulsion System (IMDS ID # 5754) will be deactivated and IMDS submissions will no longer be reviewed.

Suppliers are required to submit MDSs to General Motors- NA Vehicle Operations (IMDS ID #5751). For any clarifications, contact GM-IMDSHelpdesk@gm.com.



IMDS Release 13.2 is planned for April 27, 2022. For more information concerning the enhancements, please refer to the Release Notes.



We are glad to announce that Koenigsegg Automotive AB has joined the IMDS (Company ID 239375).



On March 11, 2022 the latest Update of the GADSL will be carried out in IMDS.

GADSL Update



INEOS updated their IMDS supplier information. You can find more information in the section "OEM Specific Information".



The next CLEPA Materials Regulations Event will be held ONLINE on May 3, May 4 and May 5, 2022. A full program including a list of the presenters is available on the CLEPA Website.



We are glad to announce that StreetScooter Engineering has joined the IMDS (Company ID 235766).



IMDS Release 13.1 is now productive.



Suzuki updated their IMDS Supplier information. You can find more information in the section "OEM Specific Information" > Suzuki.



The following file contains a list of substances which were added to the REACH Candidate List of SVHCs and will be marked SVHC in IMDS on 4th February 2022.

REACH Candidate List Update (SVHC) February 2022


Vinfast updated their IMDS supplier information. You can find more information in the section "OEM Specific Information".