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OEM specific information

OEM specific information

Some of the OEMs have chosen to post supplier information on the IMDS site. This section includes the latest available information that we have. Individual OEMs may have mailed more recent information to their suppliers.


OEM Specific Information

Asset Publisher

Ford Motor Company



Is there any additional information concerning Ford Motor Company's Global IMDS Launch?

As part of their global IMDS rollout, Ford Motor Company has put together more information for their suppliers.


Rollout Package 2024:
Ford RSMS Rollout Package 2024


Rollout Package 2023:
Ford RSMS Rollout Package 2023

Rollout Package 2022:
Ford RSMS Rollout Package 2022

RSMS PFAS Attachment

Rollout Package 2021:
Ford RSMS Rollout Package 2021

Rollout Package 2020 Mid-year:
Ford RSMS Mid-year announcement
Ford RSMS Mid-year Rollout Package 2020

Rollout Package 2020:
Ford RSMS Rollout Package 2020

Rollout Package 2019:
Ford RSMS Rollout Package 2019

Rollout Package 2018:
Ford RSMS Rollout Package 2018



Description on how to submit MDSs to Ford Motor Company



In January 2016 Ford will replace its internal IMDS data management system (GMIR and GMIR Supplier Portal) with an all new Global Materials Management system (GMM). The current automatic IMDS datasheet acceptance will be replaced with an upfront data acquisition and data quality analysis.

Please see document for more details.



What can be done in case of data-entry problems with Ford's GSDB Code?

If you are having problems with the data-entry of your Ford Motor Company GSDB Code into IMDS, or are unsure of your GSDB Code, then please do the following:
1) Make sure that in the receipient specific information for Ford the GSDB Code has been entered in capital letters
2) Contact your company's Ford Account Manager for your five-character Site GSDB Code.
3) If you are still unable to obtain the information, then contact rsmshelp@ford.com 



How do I Certify for Ford?

If you have a Client Manager or User 3 profile, you will be able to see the Ford-Certification Option on the left side of the window. This option is used to fulfill Ford's requirement that suppliers annually certify their products according to Ford's Restricted Substance Management Standard (RSMS).

From the Main Menu:
a) Select Ford Certification
b) Read and check the RSMS Certification Statement
c) Add your Ford parent GSDB Code and check on the box I agree and Certify
d) Click on Accept

The certification receipt screen can be printed using the printer icon on the top of the screen.