Version 11.0 (11/13/2016)

VERSION 11.0 (11/13/2016)

IMDS Release 11.0 Enhancements:

Mark own MDSs as ‘obsolete’

Each company will be able to mark own MDSs as ‘obsolete’. With this new function, companies have the ability to make use of own, good-quality MDSs only. Own MDSs marked as ‘obsolete’ can also be searched for with a check box in the MDS Search screens and Outbox. A Warning message will be displayed during the MDS check to show usage of an own ‘obsolete’ MDS so the user can replace this MDS. Company Administrators will grant this access right to certain users of the company and users with this access right could be searched for in the User Search screen. Self-Certification for MDS Publishers.

Allow Forwarding for Material MDS (MMDSs)

The already existing and well-known forwarding process for components and semi-components will be applied as well for MMDSs. This will allow the user to forward a received and accepted MMDS to a customer while keeping the original material composition and backtracking to the original MMDS.

Final version MDSs must not contain references to preliminary MDSs

The existing MDS check of own/accepted preliminary MDSs referenced in a final MDS will be changed from Warning to an Error message. The user will not be able to send a final MDS that contains references to own/accepted preliminary MDSs. In addition, the check box for preliminary MDS will be displayed for sub-references in any MDS.

The checkbox titled “I have declared all GADSL substances” and related check for Material MDSs (MMDSs) will be removed

This declaration has led to misunderstandings for suppliers creating MMDSs. One reason was that materials may contain traces of GADSL substances although these are not in scope of an MMDS declaration in IMDS. Because its meaning was misleading and IMDS Recommendations define how GADSL substances have to be declared in IMDS, this check box and the related check will be removed.

REACH Annex XIV and Biocidal Product Regulation information for MDSs using the ‘IMDS Chemistry Manager’

The IMDS Chemistry Manager functionality will allow users to enter Biocidal Product (BPR) and REACH Annex XIV regulatory information for Material MDSs and components. This functionality will only be available to users with a new privilege that can be assigned to them by a Company Administrator. Anybody with this user privilege will anonymously be able to send a request to the creator of an MDS to enter the regulatory information or update it if it is incomplete. It will also be possible to send these anonymous requests for references within accepted MDSs. Once the MDS creator releases a new version of the regulatory information, it will instantaneously be made available for everybody who can view this MDS. This will allow for a quick distribution of BPR and REACH Annex XIV data among the supply chain. Companies whose components/materials are never used in supply chains inside the European Union will not receive any requests for entering regulatory information and therefore, do not need to worry about this enhancement.

IMDS-a2 specific enhancements

In addition to the IMDS Release 11.0 enhancements, the following changes have been implemented in IMDS-a2:

Additional entry in the search result list

In the MDS Search and the Outbox (Sent MDSs) a new column in the search result table will be available: Calculated Weight (for components).

Detailed information can also be found in the IMDS 11.0 Release Notes or in our IMDS-a2 User Manual.

IMDS-a2 Questions

IMDS-a2 Questions?

Please have a look into the IMDS-a2 user manual first.

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