Version 10.20 (05/12/2016)

VERSION 10.20 (05/12/2016)

New Functions in IMDS-a2

Please check your JAVA Runtime environment before May 2016

In May 2016 the IMDS ( SSL certificates will need to be renewed. This is part of system maintenance and is done routinely to keep the encryption in use on up-to-date to protect the privacy of our customers.

Since the new certificate may lead to problems for users of older Java versions, we want to provide a test-environment for you to validate your Java Runtime setup in connection with the IMDS-a2 installation against the new certificate. We recommend to use Java version 8.

We have set up our model office environment already with the new certificate. Please verify that your IMDS-a2 installation works with the new certificate With this link you can test, if Java is able to download and start the application. When you see the IMDS-a2 start screen and the login window below, your installation works correct. (Please note: Since you don’t have an IMDS account in the model office environment, you are not able to logon to IMDS-a2.)

When you are not able to start IMDS-a2 with the provided link, please install the latest Java 8 version.

The new certificate will be installed on the productive IMDS server on 07. MAY 2016.

Please note that until 07. MAY 2016 your IMDS-a2 installation must be able to work with the new certificate, as the old certificate will expire 2 days later.

Changes in the IMDS-a2 REACH module

Support of REACH O5A (Once an article, always an article)

  • IMDS-a2 implemented an additional view on the REACH data based on the O5A perspective showing weight information for the lowest article in the bill of material. This new approach is in accordance with a decision of the European Court of Justice.
    This O5A view is available in addition to the existing calculation based on the top component.
  • To make the analysis of data provided with the REACH file easier, the corresponding top node ID is now included in every row. Additionally, an internal ID is given to illustrate the mapping between components and contained substances. Every (sub-) component has a unique, internal ID and every substance, which is contained in this (sub-) component, references this internal ID.
  • A new parameter for the REACH analysis has been added: Last Candidate List (REACH SVHC) Update only. If you mark this option in the IMDS-a2 REACH Analysis window, your REACH file will only contain MDSs with SVHC substances which are included in the last Candidate List Update.
  • For the REACH analysis the Output format MS Excel (.xlsx) has been implemented in addition to other available file formats, which allows you to analyze MS Excel files without any limitation of rows.

Examiner Check No. 37 replaces Check No. 13

With Java Runtime environment version 8 users may not be able to execute the existing examiner check no. 13 (Verify part number against a Microsoft Excel Sheet). The new check no. 37 has been implemented to replace check no. 13. If you have check no. 13 included in your examiner profile(s), please replace it with check no. 37.

Time zone handling in IMDS-a2

The IMDS online application shows all date values calculated to the time zone CET, whilst the IMDS-a2 used to show the time with regard to the time zone that is stored in the user’s Windows installation. To be consistent in both applications, the date values in IMDS-a2 will now be shown calculated to time zone CET, too.

IMDS-a2 Questions

IMDS-a2 Questions?

Please have a look into the IMDS-a2 user manual first.

If you cannot find an answer to your question, please contact us: