VERSION 10.0P (2015-04-16)

VERSION 10.0P (04/16/2015)

New Functions in IMDS-a2

CMD Request

The new function "CMD Request" was included in IMDS-a2. It allows you to create and email requests for all accepted supplier MDSs in IMDS to your suppliers to ask them to submit a Conflict Mineral Declaration in HP's Compliance Data Exchange (CDX) for those IMDS MDSs. To locate conflict minerals within your supplier's products, you can use the Where-Used Analysis.

Extended Where-Used Analysis for Conflict Minerals Search

With the improved "Where-Used Analysis" you can now faster and easier examine your existing material data sheets (MDSs) and locate conflict minerals within your products. You can then choose directly from the Where-Used Analysis or with the CMD Request function to establish a connection from the IMDS-a2 to CDX and to have CDX automatically produce and email requests to your suppliers to ask them to submit a Conflict Mineral Declaration in CDX.

These new capabilities facilitate compliance by streamlining the conflict mineral location, identification, and feedback request processes, thus automating all operations in a straightforward fashion throughout the entire supply chain.

CoChecker Module in IMDS-a2

In collaboration with tec4U, HP developed the new CoChecker module in IMDS-a2. It allows you to extract the content of selected material data sheets (MDSs) directly from the IMDS and save them as XML files on your PC. IMDS-a2 users with the additional CoChecker license can easily extract one or more components for the checks and simple pass the prepared dates to tec4U's CoChecker software. tec4U analyzes your product's material compliance based on your requirements and prepares a check report, along with a material compliance certificate for positive results.

Detailed information can also be found in our IMDS-a2 User Manual.

IMDS-a2 Questions

IMDS-a2 Questions?

Please have a look into the IMDS-a2 user manual first.

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