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Release Notes

Release Notes

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Changes Release 3.1 (28-Jul-2005)

General information:

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Application handling:
According to the decision of the IMDS Steering Committee the following change will be active until March 1st, 2006:

If the receiver of an MDS is an OEM, applications can be amended for foreign MDS (as already is) and own MDS/module references (instead of creating new versions).

Inside the supply chain (no OEM as MDS recipient selected) instead of an Error message a Warning is given for own MDS/modules referenced (the same as for foreign MDS).

The warning messages will reflect the deadline of March 1st, 2006. It is planned to switch back to the Error messages as is after March 1st, 2006.

Enhancement to the IMDS Upload Interface/AI:
From now on the upload interface also supports the assignment of missing substance applications (application IDs), if sending to an OEM, to referenced components containing the same material under different sub-components.

Therefore the upload DTD element "Application" was extended by the parameter "Comp_ID". More details you may find in the Upload-User-Manual, downloadable in the IMDS menu Administration/Download.