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Release Notes

Release Notes

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Back Changes Release 2.1 (09-Oct-2003)

MDS Search:

  • Default Search Option ‘all' has been changed to ‘own' as MDS origin, i.e. if not changing the pre-selected search conditions the system searches for ‘own' MDS. IMDS only transfers a maximum of 500 hits to the result list when searching. In case 500 hits are exceeded the user will get informed by a popup-message and it is recommended to define further search options.
  • Some background for better understanding on why these changes of MDS Search Engine: Searching for all MDS without any search specification is not recommended because of the amount of data to be transferred through the internet and not more data should be provided than can be processed by the user. Actually 500 is already a quite high number of MDSs to go through. All in all the goal with this change on the MDS search engine is to avoid unintended search operations and therefore reducing infrastructure load.

IMDS Public Pages:

List of declarable materials in automobile manufacturing - Substances in components and construction materials:

Update to Version of 2003 in the IMDS public pages and IMDS application (substance database) including name change from ‘is forbidden' to ‘Prohibited' and ‘requires declaration' to ‘duty to declare'.

IMDS public Training:

Public Taining pages have been moved to the EDS Services pages.

FAQ pages:

Reengineering of FAQ pages and changes in presentation.

IMDS Interfaces:

Changes DataDownload Specification 1.8.6 versus 1.8.5

Changes without need to adapt the inhouse interface:

  • Additional files SBDaily and CCDaily with daily changes for type SB ("Basic Substances") and CC ("Company/Contact") are now available.
  • A new file type MOD has been established. It contains all modules that have been released internally on due date. This company-specific file is available daily.
  • For some file types or data types we implemented a certain ordering (for example "Basic Substances", "Company/Contact" as well as the nodes and relations in "MDS Specific" and "MDS Public"). The new ordering has no impact on the composition of the items.
  • The flag "IsUnwanted" in the SB file ("Basic Substances"), which used to be a valid VDA classification two years ago, is not used and maintained any more. This is why in the past, this boolean attribute was not filled at all for new substances (empty string). To be compatible with the DataDownload specification, these empty fields will be transferred into a "-1".
  • The documentation of the data type of the header field "FILEVERSION" has been corrected to N7,2, according to the accustomed format in the files (for example "1,85").

Changes with impact on the inhouse interface:

  • Despite availability of the new files SBDaily and CCDaily, we provide the daily initial files for SB and CC as usual. The only change is that their header received an additional field "start date" (set to "01.01.2000" which is the date of IMDS going live), in order to make them distinguishable from the daily files. The same applies to the header of the initial file MP.dat (MDS Public).
  • The blocks "CO" (company) and "CU" (org unit) have been extended by an "IsDeleted" flag. In order to avoid (or at least minimize) impact on the inhouse interface, the position of the flag is at the end of the record.

Further details on the changes can be gathered from the DataDownload Specification 1.8.6.

Changes Upload 2.0:

None, Upload Specification 2.0 still valid.

MDS Edit:

MDS Detail - Chapter 4:

Additionally display Company-/Organization Unit ID in recipient list and recipient specific screen.

Check Procedure:

Creating MDS it will be checked if the system assigned MDS default name (e.g. Material_2285358) has been changed to a valid MDS name. This applies as well for non-referenced components and semi-components in the MDS tree.

Sent/Received Screen:

Additionally display Company-/Organization Unit ID in the company name field in brackets.


General redesign of the IMDS Analysis Menu (Detailed MDS-Analysis and Certificate of expenditure): Improvement of functionality, presentation and interaction between the IMDS screens (options to go back and forth between the different views). Additional function to export analysis results to a file (Detailed MDS-Analysis result and List of MDS applying to Certificate of expenditure analysis). Possibility to analyse for deactivated substances and MDS in the Certificate of expenditure analysis.

Administration for Client Managers:

Administration User:

When assigning Organization Units to a user it is now possible to select multiple Organization Units by mouse click and taking over to a user in one row instead of one by one.

IMDS application in general:

New Browser:

Netscape Version 7.1 is from now on IMDS supported. The older Netscape Version 4.x and Microsoft Internet Explorer Release 4.01 Service Pack 1 are not IMDS-supported anymore. In addition a survey showed that Netscape Versions 4.x are rarely used. See as well on the public pages – System - System Requirements. IMDS checks when accessing the Webapplication if a valid Browser version is used and informs in a message in case it is not.

IMDS Online Registration:

Department and postal code have been added as entry fields for the company's contact person.

Login Dialogue:

Password will not be cleared after selecting different language.

IMDS Messages:

Messages will be removed after 14 days.