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Release Notes

Release Notes

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Changes Release 14.3 (20-Mar-2024)

Enhancements with IMDS Release 14.3 (20-Mar-2024)


The enhancements with this Release are:

Functional Changes

  1. Source of Material: Allow bio-based content for Classification 7.1
  2. MDS Report: New recipient fields
  3. MDS Tree Search: New search types
  4. MDS Analysis: Display Classification for Materials
  5. Polymer Material Wizard: New options for flame retardants and plasticizers
  6. MDS Copy: Dialog to update referenced versions

Check Changes

  1. MDS Check: Display top-level supplier and MDS
  2. MDS Check: Only check entered ranges of mechanical recyclate


Detailed information on these enhancements is available in the Release Notes IMDS Release 14.3.