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Release Notes

Release Notes

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Changes Release 1.9 (02-Nov-2002)

With Release 1.9 new system software for IMDS has been introduced besides the functional changes described below.

MDS chapter 1 - Ingredients:

  • The check procedure ensures that the deviation between calculated weight and measured weight is within the entered tolerance
  • Long names of substances in the Substance Detail View will not be truncated

MDS chapter 2 – Recyclate Information:

  • When copying a material data sheet that contains the formerly answered questions 1 to 6 of Security and Environmental information, the copy will only contain the Recyclate relevant questions.

MDS chapter 3 – Supplier Data:

  • Alphabetical sort order of the contact persons by last name
  • No display of deactivated contact persons for the creation of a new material data sheet

MDS chapter 4 – Recipient Information: Mazda Implementation analogue to the Ford-specific Enhancements

  • Check on part number and supplier codes for Mazda
  • Information regarding Polymeric Marking
  • Selection of RSL-substance application in the material data sheet

Preview and pdf-download of initial sample report:

  • New layout of preview and pdf-download with mass information and tree level visible
  • All chapters combined in one preview and pdf-download
  • Labels are language sensitive

Public Pages:

  • Layout Changes on the community page
  • Implementation of the Japanese training registration

Data Download:

  • New Layout of Online Screen