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Release Notes

Release Notes

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Changes Release 1.8.1 (25-Apr-2002)

The IMDS Release 1.8.1 contains major enhancements required by suppliers to the car manufacturers. In addition suggested improvements of IMDS users made in the IMDS survey have been considered. At this point thank you for your comments in the IMDS questionnaire.

Public Pages:

  • New Homepage representing all OEMs participating IMDS
  • Direkt link and headline for NEWs and FAQ on the IMDS logon screen

Search Material Data Sheet:

New search options for all types of MDS:

  • Release Date from – to: Search of all accepted MDS from … to …
  • Existing search option supplier has been enhanced with organization unit: Search for all accepted MDS of the supplier/organization unit
  • Own organization unit: Search MDS created by the organization unit of own the company

Create Material Data Sheet:

  • Chapter 3 Selection of the responsible organization unit (Contact Person is still valid for the entire company)
  • Chapter 4 Adding company/organization unit as receipient
  • In case a material data sheet has been copied (not as a new version but as a real copy ) the name of the new MDS will automatically be named withCopy_<name of copied material data sheet>.
  • Internal optimisation of data loading in chapter one of a MDS
  • When creating a copy of a material data sheet, which contains references to published material data sheet (components, semicomponents, material), these references will be kept in the copy of the material data sheet. In case the referenced material data sheets/modules had been created and internally released by the sender new modules for these references will be automatically generated. This can be identified by the name showingCopy_<name of mds/module>.

Received / Sent:

  • Complete overwork of available search options
  • Display the MDS-type symbol (component, semicomponent, material) in the result list
  • Defined return from MDS Details to the result list for further actions (accept/reject, analysis)
  • Sort order in the result list is by date column
  • Display part/item number in the result list

Confidential Substances (stays unchanged):

  • Handling as in current release 1.7.2 (only mds creating company can see these)

News Messages:

  • Selection of Message recipient using the company/organization unit search screen
  • Display of sending organization unit
  • Display part/item number in the message text where appropriate

Additional Administration Screens for Client Managers:

  • Reporting screen to display all organization units without assigned users but containing created or received MDS
  • Administration screen to assign MDS to organization units

Password Expiration:

  • After 30 days or password reset by the Service Center the user will have to change the password for security purpose.
  • The password must be different to the previous one and contain between 6 and 10 characters (capital and lower cases) including at least one digit (special characters like ampersand (&) etc. are not allowed).