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Terms and Conditions for IMDS-AI

DXC will carry out your order according to the following Terms and Conditions. Additionally,  you can print and save these Terms and Conditions.

PDF  IMDS-AI Terms and Conditions - PDF-File, 102 KB



The IMDS-AI service fees are structured into different upload levels. Your company can select the level which best fits to the amount of MDSs that you think will be uploaded in the coming year. If you wish assistance in determining your level, please email mds-solutions@dxc.com and they can report to you the number of modules you have created in the last time period.

The IMDS-AI license is a company license with reference to an IMDS Company ID. In the higher tariffs a to c, more than one IMDS Company ID can be combined in one IMDS-AI license (corporate license) on request. This is conditional to the documented evidence that the IMDS Company IDs to be included belong to the same legal company structure. The level f package in the table below is only available as an add-on to a level a-e package. It only includes up to 1,000 additional modules to an existing contract of level a-e.

The fees are based on the number of successfully uploaded MDSs or modules to the IMDS. MDSs and/or module uploads leading to an error message are not counted for this purpose. For each newly created MDS or module and the creation of a new version of an already existing MDS or module, the counter of available modules (set by the contract value) is decremented by one. Furthermore, changes in Chapter 1 "Ingredients" in existing MDSs/modules are counted. However, the deletion and any status change (release, accept, reject, ...) for existing MDSs/modules as well as the entire request processing are free of charge.

The number of datasheets imported into CDX is not deducted from the available number of modules in the respective tariff.

A small number of DXC Level 2 consulting hours is included in the fee structure. This includes answering questions on the documentation, resetting IDs, generating specific files, and various other inquiries to the Level 2 contact.

Add-on service “Multiple Time Zone Download”

DXC offers the “Multiple Time Zone Download” as add-on service to the Advanced Interface. It allows you to download company specific MDS information up to 3 times a day - every eight hours with latest MDSs based on the selected time zones. This optional service can be ordered in addition to your IMDS AI license for an annual fee of 3,300 EUR independently from your upload volume. If you want to purchase this service as an add-on to an existing IMDS AI license, the duration and price of the add-on service will be adjusted to match the end-date of the existing license. If this describes your situation, please ask for the individual price for your “Multiple Time Zone Download” option. To order your IMDS-AI license including the add-on service please follow the IMDS-AI order process.

The following examples provide further explanation as to how the IMDS-AI licensing works.

Example a)

Over the past years, IMDS Company X had annual upload volumes between 3,150 and 3,870 modules. The IMDS Company X estimates that during the next contract year, their need will be slightly more and buys one package from fee level "d" with 2,000 - 5,000 modules. IMDS Company X pays EUR 9,240 for the contract duration from June 15th, 2021 to June 14th, 2022. Until June 14th, 2022 he uploads 4,380 modules. The remaining 620 modules available expire at midnight June 14, 2022 (CET).

Example b)

Over the past years, IMDS Company Y had annual upload volumes between 4,120 and 4,950 modules. IMDS Company Y estimates that during the next contract year, they will have a decreasing requirement and buys one package from fee level "D" with 2,000 - 5,000 modules. IMDS Company Y pays EUR 9,240 for the contract duration from June 15th, 2021 to June 14th, 2022. By February 15th, 2022 he uploads 4,760 modules, and, contrary to the first estimation, he's now expecting an annual upload volume of more than 6,000 modules. Therefore he buys an additional package from fee level "E" with up to 2,000 modules for EUR 5,775. Now the upper limit is 7,000 modules. At the end of the contract year, IMDS Company Y has uploaded 6,720 modules. The remaining 280 modules available expire at midnight June 14, 2022 (CET)

For a description of the order process see Order.

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