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OEM specific information

OEM specific information

Some of the OEMs have chosen to post supplier information on the IMDS site. This section includes the latest available information that we have. Individual OEMs may have mailed more recent information to their suppliers.


OEM Specific Information

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Are there any special special instructions for Fiat suppliers?

Fiat collected information for their suppliers in an instruction package which can be downloaded in the following:

Fiat supplier instructions (last update: Dec 2022)

FCA rejection code document



FCA EMEA (FIAT) has reconfigured the filters for the submission of MDSs based on whether the Part-Number PN is valid (existing), if the PN is not in the list of current PNs and / or the supplier code is not correct, you will not be able to send the MDS. This will be activated in IMDS on 14th October 2019.



Fiat Auto (Org. Unit ID 1316, 112624, 109958, 109959) updated their IMDS rejection reasons.



FCA provides more supplier information in this document.