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Building on the Examiner functionality, Inbox Automation can review received MDSs automatically in the background while the user is logged into an IMDS-a2 session doing other work. In a user-defined interval, IMDS-a2 checks the IMDS system for newly received MDSs and adds them to the list for review.

When the Inbox Automation is started, the system runs the selected Examiner Profile against each MDS in the list and saves the result for the session. After the MDS has been processed, you may:

  • view the MDS together with the results of the Examiner
  • accept the MDS or
  • reject the MDS.

Should you decide to reject, the errors and warnings from the Examiner review are copied into the rejection text which can then be added to or deleted. Inbox Automation can be configured to accept MDSs automatically if they do not contain errors. And it can be configured to ignore warnings and/or info messages and still accept.

Depending on how your Examiner Profile is set up, you can also configure the Inbox Automation to automatically reject MDSs if they do not match a given criteria.


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