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Changes Release 3.0 (23-Jun-2005)

General Information:
Please delete the cache of your browser and restart it. This avoids problems viewing certain pages.

Global Automotive Declarable Substance List (GADSL, please see as well www.gadsl.org):
(already added to Release 2.2 April 29th, 2005) 
The categories "duty-to-declare" and "prohibited" of the GADSL substances have been updated on the IMDS database. The GADSL substances have been available as a substance list with the name "GADSL" since March 24th, 2005 in Rel. 2.2, selectable in the filter in chapter 1 of material data sheets and in the certificate of expenditure. The filter in chapter 1 is now defaulted to "GADSL" and referring field descriptions have been updated (e.g. the field name "ILRS category" has been changed to "GADSL category"). All substances that were part of ILRS have been put into a substance list called "ILRS". That allows, if required, to filter or analyze exclusively for ILRS substances as before. Substances that are categorized in duty-to-declare/prohibited must not be marked as confidential as before.

IMDS Public Pages:

  • Information about the Global Automotive Declarable Substance List (GADSL) will be added to the Public Pages under Lists - GADSL.
  • Update of American and European IMDS Service Center phone numbers on public pages and IMDS Error screen.
  • Update of contacts for material related questions: Starting May material related issues can be addressed to one of the OEM contacts listed in the public pages instead of to the IMDS Service Centers. Questions on basic substances (e.g. addition of basic substances) are still in scope of the IMDS Service Centers.

    IMDS Password Reset:
    All IMDS users can reset their own password from the login screen provided they have a valid e-mail address registered in IMDS. It is expected that users no longer contact the IMDS Service Center or their client manager for a password reset. Please make sure, your e-mail address in the menu Settings is correctly entered.

For the "IMDS Basic Substance Changes" an archive with the history of all basic substance changes is available.

IMDS Online Help:
The current HTML online help will be replaced by a pdf document that will utilize the available functionality of Acrobat.

MDS Search Screen:
MDS Search Screen has been adapted to general IMDS search screen behavior and improved in performance (caching of search result lists and avoiding initiation of multiple search requests).

MDS Chapter 1 - Ingredients:
The following documentation contains detailed information about the major IMDS Release 3.0 enhancements including 

  • Recyclate Information: Removal of previous 25 g threshhold for warning message and default selection of recycling question set to 'No' . 
  • Parts Marking: All classification under 5 will be considered.

ApplicationID Handling

Recyclate Information

Parts Marking

MDS Chapter 2 – Recyclate Information:
The Recyclate Information has been revamped according to Recyclate Information and the information previously found in this Chapter will no longer be displayed.

MDS Chapter 4 -Recipient Data:

  • Ford Motor Company specific enhancements:
    Applications for RSL-substances and entry field polymeric part(s) according to ISO 1043 and 11469:
    This has been replaced by changes in Chapter 1 described under MDS Chapter 1 - Ingredients (ApplicationID and Parts Marking).
  • Toyota Motor Corporation spezifische Erweiterungen:
    Applications for TSZ0001G substances , the entry fields Material Quality Mark and Recycle Mark:
    This has been replaced by the changes in Chapter 1 described under MDS Chapter 1 - Ingredients (ApplicationID, Recycling Information and Parts Marking).

MDS Check Procedure:
According to the enhancements described in MDS Chapter 1 – Ingredients, additional checks have been introduced. Substances attached to another node type than material will cause an error message (since IMDS Rel. 2.0, June 12th, 2003, IMDS initiated a warning message in this case).

Ford Motor Company Certification:
(already added to Release 2.2 at December 15th, 2003)
The new Ford Certification "Heavy Metals Reporting Certification for North America" has been added.

IMDS Upload and Data Download Interface:
The IMDS Interface supports the major enhancements described under MDS Chapter 1 – Ingredients, which are ApplicationID Handling, Parts Marking and Recycling Information. Detailed information has already been distributed to all upload/download licensees.

  • Additional menu item under Administration to have an overview of uploaded modules/MDSs (allows for the new IMDS AI - Advanced Interface contractors controle over used Module/MDS capacities, for current Upload contracts for information only)
  • Reorganization of IMDS Up- and Download Interface documentation, downloadable from both screens (Up-/Download screen)
  • Up- and Download UserIDs are not dedicated for each function separately anymore, i.e. one UserID can perform both functions
  • Time field added to recipient status change date in "R" record

Data Download:
Data download screen in IMDS under the administration menu available to access download files.

  • Several changes due to implementation of ApplicationID Handling, Parts Marking and Recycling Information.
  • Flag indicating if a company is declared as OEM in IMDS has been added to the company contact file
  • Additional data download file for SubstanceApplications available including the deactivated-flag
  • Performance improvements in order to reduce data download generation time
  • Improvements in Data Download error handling and change of file creation order (standard data will be generated before the specific files)

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