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Terms and Conditions for IMDS-AI

DXC will carry out your order according to the following Terms and Conditions. Additionally,  you can print and save these Terms and Conditions.

PDF  IMDS-AI Terms and Conditions - PDF-File, 102 KB



The IMDS-AI fee structure is based on the volume which a company intends to upload into the IMDS during a 12 month period. IMDS believes in reuse and in order to support this philosophy, pricing is not based on modules that were already uploaded but only on new top node modules. If you are familiar with IMDS, a module would be everywhere a small house appears in a component, semi-component, or material in the tree structure that your company created.

The IMDS-AI license period is 12 months. Any unused modules purchased do not carry over into the next year.

For an initial order or an extension for an existing IMDS-AI license as well as for the add-on service "Multiple Time Zone Download", we require a Purchase Order from you. Our company information can be found in the attached file: DXC Company Data (pdf).

Although your company may have other contracts with DXC, you will need to ensure that DXC (EntServ Deutschland Gmb) is appropriately set up in your purchasing system using the attached data.

Please read the IMDS-AI terms and conditions for the IMDS-AI as they are slightly different than those for the IMDS system. These are in addition to the IMDS Terms and Conditions. It is up to you to ensure that any 3rd party that has access to your in-house system abides by the IMDS-AI Terms and Conditions. We suggest that this language be incorporated into any contracts you have with them.

Order Processing

Please review the IMDS-AI "Terms and Conditions" and then send your Purchase Order as an attachment directly to DXC Advanced Solutions. This ensures that your request will be processed immediately. Here you can find the e-mail dialogue.

If you are ordering the IMDS-AI, then your company will also have access to our test environment to ensure successful communication with your in-house system. You will be able to use the test environment during your license year.

We will notify your AI contact person approximately 60 days before license expiration regarding renewal so that work in the IMDS can continue without interruption. We realize that employees may leave your company during the contract year. You have the ability to update the contact person yourself and suggest that you do so to avoid interruption of service at renewal time.

Additional implementation or consulting support (remote) can be ordered for all levels at a daily rate of 1,350 Euro. Please get in contact with us to discuss the details. Minimum order quantity for additional support is 0.5 days.

Note, should the client be developing their own in-house system to integrate with IMDS, DXC reserves the right to insist that additional consulting hours be purchased

IMDS-AI Questions

IMDS-AI Questions?

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