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Release Notes

Release Notes

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Changes Release 2.0 (12-Jun-2003)

MDS Edit:

Chapter 1, Ingredients:

  • Internal loading strategy of the MDS tree has been improved.
  • Correction: Immediate display of company name for the entire MDS after saving the first time.
  • The unique identifier of a MDS (NodeID) has been added to the display of the IMDS-ID/Version.
  • Searching for the occurrence of a MDS/Substance in the MDS tree according to the search options: Name (including substance name), part number or IMDS-ID.

MDS Check Procedure:

  • New warning messages for MDS that do not comply with:
    • ‚Substances must be referenced by MDS of type material only'. 
    • ‚components must have a measured weight and tolerance entered' . 
  • This warning will be changed to an error in the future preventing sending a MDS that does not comply to these rules.  

MDS Preview / pdf-Download:

Option to select a recipient and display of the information in section 1.2, Product Identification, out of the receiver´s persepctive. Be aware that section 3, Characterization of the component, is still the creator's view of the decomposition, i.e. may contain visible confidential substances that the receiver is not allowed to see.

Company search:

The search for Org.-ID is now possible.

Menu Received MDS:

MDS preview does not change the MDS state from ‘not browsed yet' to ‘browsed'. The status can be changed as before with the ‘View' function. 

Analysis Frameflow Improvements:

Back Button to MDS added in the Detail Analysis.

New READ access profile:

The client manager can assign READ ONLY access to users of his/her company as IMDS access right.

Aministration for client managers:

MDS Administration:

When assigning a MDS to another organization unit the client manager can preview/view the mds without changing the current state of the MDS (e.g. ‘not yet browsed' to ‘browsed').

Company Administration:

Display of CompanyID/OrgID for each organization unit in the tree.

User Administration:

  • Users can be activated and deactivated by the client manager.
  • Using the password reset button suspended users can be reactivated, i.e. the client manager receives a mail with the link to the new password data of the suspended user. The checkbox field ‘suspended' is for information (read only) available.
  • The time interval for user access can be modified (e.g. for temporary employees).

IMDS application in general and public pages:

  • IMDS application in Spanish and Portuguese language available.
  • New format of the FAQ with the option of flexible cathegories and additional display of entry date for each question and answer.
  • Deregistration of IMDS Newsletter available.
  • General use conditions for all accessing IMDS users available.
  • Controle for maximum amount of concurrent IMDS users allowed has been established.
  • Timeout after 1 hour without any user interaction in IMDS implemented.

Company specific enhancements:

  • GM: Partial Certification of EU ELV Directive Compliance, for products sold or manufactured in the European Union.
  • Ford: Recipient specific screen, Chapter 4, additional informational text stating that IMDS related acceptance does not imply Ford specific MDS quality checks. Suppliers might be contacted via Mail by Ford directly in case of quality issues.
  • Toyota: Check procedure changed from error message to warning in case no symbol and public-/ Inhouse- Norm was assigned to a MDS.

Data Download:

  • Data Download files will be accessible only after complete creation in order to avoid downloading incomplete files by the customer.
  • According to the MDS specific file the public MDS file will be created on a daily basis, i.e. containing the published MDS of the previous day only. This allows faster loading to the inhouse systems. The complete published MDS file will still stay in place.
  • TopNodeID added for R-records, material name und norms.
  • The company/contact file only contains companies already actively using IMDS. Companies that did not complete the online registration process yet are omitted. 
  • Public MDS file (complete and daily) contain in addition a delete flag, in case a MDS has been deleted.
  • Deleted MDS are marked with the delete flag in case internal released MDS have been deleted or the sender canceled the already accepted MDS.


  • Ford and Toyota specific fields of chapter 4, recipient specific data, have been added. Not included are the basic substance applications for Ford and Toyota.
  • For the result file a DTD has been implemented and the result file will be adapted accordingly.