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Release Notes

Release Notes

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Changes Release 13.1 (26-Jan-2022)

Enhancements with IMDS Release 13.1 (26-Jan-2022)

The enhancements with this Release are:

  • Visibility of warning about recyclate exceeding the maximum range of 20%
  • Allow multiple S2S Keys per Org-Unit
  • Exclude classification 9.x in SCIP Submissions
  • Add SCIP Attributes to Component Search Results
  • Change in editing Application Codes and Norms

Detailed information on these enhancements is available in the Release Notes IMDS Release 13.1.

The following tutorials show the enhancements of this Release:

Classification 9 in SCIP (4.5 min)

Easier editing of norms and applications (2 min)

Multiple S2S Keys per Org.-Unit (4.5 min)

SCIP data in CMDS search results (2 min)

Visibility of Recyclate range warning (2 min)