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Release Notes

Release Notes

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null Changes Release 1.9.1 (06-Feb-2003)

New Functions:

MDS Statistics:

Client Managers can use the statistics function about MDSs for the own company, e.g. how many MDSs have been created in total.

MDS Follow-Up:

Under the menu "Received" the users can assign an MDS of any status except 'not browsed yet' to a follow-up list. For each MDS the users may enter a comment and reminder date. This follow-up entry is visible to all users having access to the received MDS. By this date the users will be reminded via IMDS-Message on checking this specific MDS. In addition a list of all Follow-Up entries can be seen under menu item 'Follow-Up'.

Complete Data Download / Classic Data Download:

While the Classic Data Download only contains MDSs that have been published, accepted or internally released by the own company, the Complete Data Download also allows downloading received MDS in the status "not yet browsed", "browsed" and "cancelled by sender". Due to this fact, a sent MDS may get the new status ‚in process at recipient's' in case this recipient uses Complete Data Download. After downloading MDSs in the status "not yet browsed" or "browsed" the IMDS expects the upload of their new status ("accepted" or "rejected").

Upload Interface:

Chapter 4 information added (excluding company specific enhancements, i.e. Ford and Toyota) with the option to internally release, publish, send or propose.

Initial Sample Report:

The IMDS ID/Version was added to the report header of the PDF-Download file. 

Received MDSs:

When searching for open MDSs the search for ‘cancelled by sender' MDSs can be excluded.

MDS Edit:

1. Chapter Ingredients:

  • The filter function and the ingredients screen offer a selection of all company specific lists of basic substances loaded in IMDS. If a substance in the tree is contained in the selected list it will be marked in red color. The default list is still the VDA list.
  • MDS-Structure: For new MDSs basic substances can only be assigned to materials.
  • The additional text of the label for the part number column ‚(Author)' has been removed. This field must contain the company's own part number.

2. Chapter Recyclate Information:

  • The information text ‚The substance screen needs to be filled out completely' has been removed.

3. Chapter Supplier Data:

  • Additionally, the country of the sending company will be displayed.

4. Chapter Recipient Data:

  • The same MDS (i.e. equal IMDS ID) of a different version cannot be send to the same receipient again as long it has not been either rejected, accepted or cancelled by the sender beforehand (i.e. as long it is still in handshake mode).
  • 'Cancelled by Sender'- MDS can be proposed further to other companies.


The data entry recommendations published by the car manufacturers are available in IMDS. 

Ford specific Enhancements:

  • The entire Ford part number entered in the recipient specific screen for Ford must completely match (prefix-base-suffix).
  • There are new, more detailed error messages in case the entered GSDB-Code or part number are wrong.
  • Ford Certification: The user may choose between 3 Certification types for Ford:
    • Full RSMS Certification EU Programs
    • Full RSMS Certification North America and Rest of the World
    • Partial RSMS Certification
  • In chapter 4 deactivated applications will be marked in red color for all substances contained in the MDS that are as well part of the RSL. In Addition the check procedure will give an error message in case deactivated applications are still selected.
  • If there is only one application existing for a substance part of RSL, it will be automatically selected.


The current IMDS-Performance-Index has been redesigned, in order to provide performance-relevant measures and hints to solve user-specific problem together
with the own inhouse-IT.