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OEM specific information

OEM specific information

Some of the OEMs have chosen to post supplier information on the IMDS site. This section includes the latest available information that we have. Individual OEMs may have mailed more recent information to their suppliers.


OEM Specific Information

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Iveco Group


We would like to inform you that, starting on 18th December 2023, Iveco Group will change its MDS management system in order to harmonize the checking rules with IMDS/A2 system.

IMDS Information Pages - IMDS-a2 - IMDS Public Pages (mdsystem.com)

In case of MDS rejected, you will receive a message from: imds-info@mdsystem.com

If you have any immediate questions or concerns, please e-mail them to regulated-substances@ivecogroup.com

Thank you for your cooperation and support.



Iveco Group has prepared special information for their suppliers:

IMDS Guideline Iveco Group

If the suppliers have any question, they can refer to regulated-substances@ivecogroup.com.