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OEM specific information

OEM specific information

Some of the OEMs have chosen to post supplier information on the IMDS site. This section includes the latest available information that we have. Individual OEMs may have mailed more recent information to their suppliers.

Each OEM may have a special criteria for acceptance. The following document gives an overview of IMDS OEMs' acceptance criteria:

IMDS OEMs' acceptance criteria

This document was presented at IMDS events of AIAG and CLEPA in October 2007 and is still valid.


OEM Specific Information

Asset Publisher

Aston Martin Lagonda



Is there any additional information concerning Aston Martin Lagonda's Global IMDS Launch?

As part of their global IMDS rollout, Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd. has put together more information for their suppliers:

Aston Martin Production Materials Management & Reporting Standard