Version 13.2 (04/27/2022)

Version 13.2 (04/27/2022)

IMDS Release 13.2 Enhancements

With the rollout of the updated IMDS-a2 Version 13.2 on 27th April 2022, the following IMDS enhancements are implemented:


Allow search for multiple part numbers

The IMDS-a2 13.2 now allows the search for multiple Part/Item numbers. Pressing the button "…" opens a search dialog in which multiple Part/Item numbers can be entered or pasted (one Part/Item No. per line). The use of wildcards is supported as well as an option to ignore all leading, middle and trailing spaces. Additionally, an Import button allows to import a .txt file containing Part/Item numbers. When searching in Multiple Part No. search mode no entry of a single Part/Item number is possible. Clicking the Reset icon returns to single Part/Item number search. This function is also available in all searches (Component, Semi-component, Material, MDS/Module), the Inbox & Outbox, the Analysis & Reporting module and the Where-used Analysis.


Company-specific Basic Substance Lists: allow adding substances by pasting one or more CAS numbers into a text area

With Release 13.2 substances can also be added by copying up to 10,000 CAS-numbers. Use the button "Add multiple Substances", copy the CAS-numbers separated by a space, new line or tab into the popup window and press "Apply". The CAS-numbers will be resolved and added to the Substance list. Assigned substances can be removed using the “Remove” button. The “Save” button saves the data entered.


Enhance Examiner check #19 “Standard Material Supplier Check” in order to limit checks to classifications 1-4 and 7.2/7.3 materials

This check marks every Material that is not published by an IMDS Committee company (Stahl und Eisen-Liste, IMDS Committee, or IMDS Committee/ ILI Metals). The check can be limited to test only Materials of Classification 1-4 and/or Classification 7.2/7.3.


Stricter password rules

When changing the password, the user will have to enter the old password and create a new password. The password must be a minimum of 8 characters and can be up to 20 characters. Passwords may only contain ASCII or Latin 1 (ISO-8859-1) characters and must contain at least one numeric character and one alphabetic character. The password cannot be identical with one of the previous 6 passwords.


Change Recyclate Handling for Plastic Materials: Calculation for material sub references

For Polymer Material who have own Recyclate and have Child material references, the Recyclate can be calculated for the parent node. A "Calculate" button is displayed in the Recyclate area (only for Material polymer, which is own and editable and parent node of a Material MDSs). The button is enabled, if the material contains only child references to other polymer materials (5.x with own recyclate).  Clicking this button calculates the Recyclate information based on all contained 5.x materials containing Recyclate and the weighted mean of their portion within the parent material.  The user must confirm the decision before the calculation is performed.

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