VERSION 6.1.3P (03/19/2009)

VERSION 6.1.3P (03/19/2009)

NEW: Report Materials according to RRR Categories

We are implementing today a new MDS report in the Optimizer menu of IMDS-a2.

The new RRR Report (Reusability / Recyclability / Recoverability) shows for an MDS the material composition according to the categories of ISO22628 (RRR) as well as the IMDS material classification.

The RRR Report decomposes the MDS into ISO22628 material categories, showing the weight of materials in each category and the percentage of the MDS weight by category. Additionally, the report lists each specific material by name and weight and links the material to the appropriate ISO22628 category.


Detailed information about the generation and content of the RRR Report can be found on our service pages or in the IMDS-a2 User Manual.

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