CDX - Material Reporting

CDX - Material Reporting

CDX for Manufacturing

CDX (Compliance Data Exchange) is DXC's answer to the cross industry challenge of gathering material information. It is based on over 15 years of developing and support IMDS, the global standard in the Automotive Industry. 

CDX's main information container is the MDS (Material Data Sheet) - a versatile and flexible data structure designed to support the circulation of knowledge while protecting Intellectual Property (IP) of a company. CDX processes are standardized and designed to support requesting and communicating information throughout the supply chains in a timely, efficient and economical manner.

CDX brings additional value in its ability to either support complete (100%) substance declarations or flat Bill of Material (FBOM) reporting. This flexibility enables each industry to gain the appropriate level of knowledge about the substances in its products.

CDX is operated globally, around the clock, throughout the full week. It can be accessed by various new technology devices such as smart phones, tablets, and net books along with traditional PCs - anywhere there`s an internet connection.

Reporting requirements are increasing in various parts of the world for industries for which IMDS is not appropriate. CDX is a new set of services based on DXC's IMDS experience, developed for the manufacturing industries. CDX provides special modules for the participating industries to cover industry-specific requirements as needed.

Material Data Sheet (MDS):
Transports Material Information along the Supply Chain

  • CDX workflows allow requesting material data for a specific project.
  • The system provides pre-defined standard materials, substances, substance groups, etc.
  • Each participant needs to provide only the information available at his own level. CDX aggregates the data and facilitates further utilization of the data along the supply chain.
  • Each participant can only see substance information for materials in his upstream supply chain.



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