Data Import from IMDS into CDX

DXC's IMDS-AI interface includes the ability to import existing Material Data Sheets (MDSs) from the IMDS into CDX (Compliance Data eXchange).

With this function, DXC addresses the automotive supplier's need to further process MDSs that are already available in the IMDS and also used for other industries, without re-entering them in CDX.

Companies that work for the automotive industry as well as for other manufacturing industries would benefit from synergies between the two systems. This allows a consolidation of the material information across all sectors.

CDX is based on the IMDS long-standing experience and uses broader substance and material catalogs. CDX has an open set of rules (e.g. full or partial declarations), a greater number of substances and standard materials, provides functionality for REACH (XIV, XVII), RoHS, IPC1752A, IPC1754, IEC 62474, California Prop65 , Battery, Packaging, ELV, GADSL, HKK, and includes a fully integrated Conflict Minerals Reporting Manager.

The import of IMDS MDSs can be initiated out of CDX when the following requirements are fulfilled:

  • The IMDS company owns a valid IMDS AI license (at least a Tariff E is needed; however, the number of modules imported into CDX is not deducted from the available modules in the Tariff chosen).
  • The CDX user needs valid IMDS credentials (IMDS User ID and password) to start the CDX Import Wizard.
  • Data transfer from IMDS to CDX is in line with the IMDS Terms of Use.
  • A CDX License is not required, but valid CDX credentials are mandatory.


IMDS data in CDX

CDX is aimed at the requirements of all manufacturing industries, covering a wider range of compliance regulations than what IMDS covers. Data imported from IMDS can be enriched with a wealth of information: CDX will check for RoHS exemptions and request updated information; CDX offers full support of the REACH Once-an-article-Always-an-article ruling (O5A) and will check that you have entered authorizations, thresholds, and sunset dates. Substances listed under CalProp65, or TSCA, are automatically flagged, as are substances under other global regulations such as China-RoHS and Korea-RoHS, with the list of regulations constantly evolving with the needs of CDX customers, including self-configurable regulations and substance lists.

CDX is an open system, able to import/export other material reporting formats such as IPC1752, IPC1754 and IEC62547, and integrate with external IT systems. CDX offers an onboarding process for mass onboarding of new suppliers and mass uploading of data sheets. In addition to the supply chain communication for chemical compliance, a complete Conflict Minerals Management module is available to request, aggregate, and administer the standard conflict minerals reporting template (CMRT).

DXC Technology is regularly extending CDX’s functional scope, reflecting on requirements and feedback from users, customers, associations, and our partners and consultants.

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